Saturday, February 13, 2016

#Recap - DEADPOOL Movie

Why do the best films of the year always come in so early at the beginning of the year. I remember thinking the same with Mad Max around Max last yeah, leaving no chances for the other movies the rest of the year.

Not that I'm trying to even try comparing Deadpool anything close to Fury Road, but I did find the film brilliantly well directed as well.

Deadpool was such a fun surprise.

I got to admit, I was getting worried I was over-hyping the film for a little while, but this turned out absolutely fantastic!

It was such a fun film. Really well paced. With an absolutely great soundtrack to boot!

Ryan Reynolds totally embraced the character and disappeared in this role. I truly believed I was watching DP here, not some actor!

They really captured the tone and the character here. This is as close and faithful as you will get with these type of comic book adaptations. The costume was perfect! And I was so happy to finally see the closest X-Men we'll ever get to the books - Colossus was FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!!

The film went through a lot of hell throughout its production - specially if you count the awful Deadpool from Wolverine Origins. Fox even severely cut down the budget right prior to the filming.

But they made a really fun, smart and streamlined film here. I loved how such a simple plot made for a great backdrop. It was basically a revenge story: starring Deadpool. Following two interesting narratives (combining the idea the director had to jump right into Deadpool action with Ryan Reynolds wish for another start on Deadpool's origins).

There were a ton of hilarious jokes, plenty of jabs at the genre and even some 4th wall-breaking. And it didn't turn as bad as I honestly feared.

Lots of nods and allusions to Deadpool in general, 20th Century Fox's X-Men series and even Marvel Comics films as a whole. Is it only me or did the Marvel logo seriously stay for a pretty long while compared to the other X-Men films?

They were even able to mock Hugh Jackman and X-Men films timeline in there! I honestly wish this film had been part of the MCU in fact.

The film take a lot of cues from Joe Kelly's 90s Deadpool run in the comics, with some touches taken from the entire history of the character. Such as Rob Liefeld's heritage to the current Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan's series. The whole scenes with the cabbie felt pretty reminiscent of the recent Marvel Now series.

And we even, sorta, kinda, got Bob!!! Although they couldn't afford to have him be part of Hydra, here, it was still a fun goon Deadpool knew!! I sincerely hope he makes it in the sequel, now working as a henchman for some other bad guys.

That Ferris Bueller ending was absolutely brilliant!!!!!

I'm now so hyped for an eventual appearance of Cable. Make mine, Marvel!

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  1. Basically, yes. I still felt the crude and sex jokes that made up half the jokes were a bit too much for what I associate with Deadpool, but it was still an enjoyable time. Not super great, but better than what I expected it to be, at least. Not too many fourth wall breaking jokes was also good, or else that would've gotten old real quick.