Tuesday, March 8, 2016

#Cartoon NEWS! First look at DuckTales reboot!

Disney released a first look of the upcoming DuckTales reboot to air on Disney XD in 2017!

Wow! All I can say is that this looks good!

Suck it up, nostalgic fans of the 80s show, I just adore how this got a similar vibe to the current Mickey Mouse shorts while drawing a bit of inspiration from the original Carl Barks comics (the 80s show had a much rounder simplified look going on, for animation purposes).

I can't wait to see how this looks in motion!

And here's the original tweet:


  1. I first saw that and thought "Aw, neat! A drawing inspired by Carl Bark's art. Looks cool!" then I noticed it was the actual promo picture for Duck Tales, which made feel even cooler!