Wednesday, May 18, 2016

#Comics NEWS! DC has a new logo! Again!

DC Comics just revealed the new logo they will be sporting on their pages starting with the whole Rebirth event. And all I can say is that it looks kinda retro:

Alright! I'm glad they got rid of the cheesy 2010s "pages turning" logo, it looked too much like something a random graphic designer came up with and not enough a comic book logo. This one actually seems to be a throwback to their silver age 70s classic logo:

But as fun it is to see them go back to that type of logo, I wonder how this one will look like on the big screen. That's right, with Geoff Johns now as the head of their whole entertainment division, this means this logo will also pop up on big feature films, TV shows and cartoons!

Part of me kinda wish they'd gone back to the '76 one, which is easily my favorite, personally.

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