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1PanelReview Predator (NES)

If it bleeds 8-bit pixels, we can kill it!

What it is: Predator (NES)

Which is: A Sidescroller/Action game
Created by: Pack-In-Video/Activision
Year: 1987
Available on: NES

Back when people though adapting horror movies into 8-bit NES games for kids was a good idea (see Freddy and Jason), the Alien and Predator licenses also received a similar treatment. Predator is a sidescroller game developed by Pack-In-Video for Activision based around the original 1987 classic Predator. The game was first released for the Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC and NES. It was later ported to the Atari ST BBC Micro and MSX in 1988 and the Amiga home computer in 1989.

This one of those games that barely follows the plot of the original movie. The only thing that sort of resembles the movie is that the player gets to play as Major “Dutch” Schaefer (Arnold Schwarzenegger in the film) as Dutch has to defeat the Predator. Anything else is up for grabs!

What's Good about it: It's a fairly standard action game from that time. Only nothing makes any sense...
It's a fairly long game considering the genre. It's about 30 stage-long, each stage being split into two distinct gameplay modes.
Most of the game is played in the "Jungle mode". Dutch is really tiny on screen. The objective is to simply survive all the strange (alien?) creatures roaming the jungle as well as these guerilla soldiers after you. Dutch stats with no weapon but you can find a few weapons such as a machine gun, unlimited grenades as well as a laser ray, yep it's not just the Pred' who gets to play with lasers! At the end of each stage you will enter a cave and move onto the next place.
Ever few couple of stages or so you will enter the "Big mode". I would love to say this is where things interesting, but it's not really the case... The character will become a lot bigger on screen, in front of an awfully ugly colored background and the goal is first to avoid deadly bubbles and then proceed to face a Predator boss which will attack with really weird attack patterns!
And you want an additional funny story about this game: the game was censored in Germany where it was illegal to sell or advertise it apparently!

What's Bad about it: This game has so little to do with the film.. Blame it on restraints of that era or simply developers who hadn't seen the film or knew how to adapt it into a game...
For some reason Dutch has to shoot a ton of types of alien creatures... Did they watch the same movie?
And during boss battles in the Big mode our hilariously pink-dressed Arnold Schwarzenegger has to fight bubbles!!!
The game can be really annoyingly difficult. I mean, as soon as you start it don't miss the first machine gun you can find up a tree or you will be in a lot trouble later with all the jumping alien things around!
Remember Predator 1? Arnold fighting the deadliest hunter in the galaxy? Where there's like 30 or so Preds in this game!
At first you might think it looks pretty badass compared to the rest of the character sprites in this game... Then it starts throwing floating "ghost" Predator heads around. And then you will notice it's one of the easiest enemies in this whole game!
And the final boss in the game is a giant flying Predator head!! While this game had its fans, they're mostly fans regarding the much better Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum releases, which are still far from being a good game but they do look a lot nicer and a lot closer to the film!
This game has really bad cheap graphics. Annoying sudden deaths. It's just bad...

Overall: Predator for the NES is a really bad game.

If you're a curious fan, have a look, otherwise I'd suggest to Avoid It!

The game has bad music, awful graphics and controls. There's all these weird enemies. Running around the jungle wearing a pink uniform isn't as fun as it sounds...

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