Monday, June 13, 2016

#E3News - Berserk Mosuo/Dynasty Warriors anouncement trailer!!

Alright, E3 is over! You can all go home! The best news to have come out of the show was just revealed:

There's gonna be a new Berserk game! Another "Musou" title from Koei Tecmo, Berserk Musou! After making these One Piece, Zelda and what have you other spinoffs, it's great to see the team that was partially responsible for those great (obscure) Dreamcast and PS2 titles go back to that license.

No idea on the plot, characters or if this will be an adaptation of a specific storyarc or not. But all we know is that the game is slated for PS Vita,  PS3 and PS4 for now.

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