Friday, July 15, 2016

#ComicsNEWS Big Trouble In Little China/Escape from New York crossover

I love comic books! It's the only place where you'll find fanboys' dream crossovers. Like, say, Predator Vs. Tarzan. Or Jason Vs. Jason X!

And I can't imagine how this will possibly work, but apparently Kurt Russell's Snake Plissken from the Escape From movies will meet Kurt Russell's good ol' Jack Burton from Big Trouble In Little China - both John Carpenter original classics - in a little crossover miniseries from IDW:

Having both film's main antagonist also return is pure fanservice, considering both were dead at the end of the story, but I can't imagine these two Kurt Russell characters working along nicely... Poor Jack's probably gonna think he's the hero of this crossover while he's actually the villain, the annoying comedic sidekick or something!

I can't wait to see what the writers come up with, I mean this is basically B-movies vs. exploitation films. Or scifi vs. fantasy. Antihero vs. loveable doofus. What is the plot going to be like!?!

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