Wednesday, July 13, 2016

#MusicBOX Mint Royale - Blue Song

In less than a year, Edgar Wright will release a new film on March 17, 2017!

Baby Driver, a crime comedy film. Not a Cornetto Trilogy film, but probably in the same vein. Since it won't star Pegg and Frost this time (still hoping for a cameo though!), Edgar Wright built an all-star cast, with Jon Hamm (!), Jamie Foxx (!!) and even Jon Bernthal (!!!).

While the Cornetto Trilogy films were all more or less inspired by episodes of Spaced, this film is actually taking inspiration from a music video Edgar Wright directed for the band Mint Royale's Blue Song.

In anticipation for the movie trailer, which shouldn't be long, check out the song:

Not only is this song fantastic, but the video clip itself is pure Edgar Wright-style! I love it!

I wish he uses this song in the film, somehow!

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