Wednesday, August 31, 2016

#CartoonNetwork Pilot Season 2016 + Kickstarter campaign

It's that time of the year! Time for Cartoon Network's latest batch of possible cartoon pilots!

Actually, I'm kinda cheating this time. One of these has already been greenlighted apparently.

First up...

Apple & Onion  

Ok, this was better than I expected. Not a big fan of it, but it's definitively decent and I could imagine them picking it up. A good "dumb show", with some actual decent animation and jokes. If I was to give it anything, I'd say Thumbs Up!

Danger Planet 

Pretty weird. I couldn't get into it, sorry. I know some people liked this one, but I just didn't... I like the idea though. This could be reworked into a better presentation. As it stands, Thumbs Down from me!

Bottom's Butte 

Another Thumbs Down, and a hard pass. A poor Bojack Horseman attempt by CN. I could see this picked up last decade on CN or on a different channel, but this was really random and off-putting. The "voice of Eileen from Regular Show" Ugly art style. I dunno.. maybe rework it into an [adult swim[ show??

Lakewood Plaza Turbo created by Ian Jones-Quartey

And finally, Lakewood Plaza Turbo! Ok. this one's a completely different case from all the others. For one, this one has already been greenlighted and will be turned into an actual show next year. It's made by "Wallow, from Bravest Warriors", and he voices a character here as well. Lot of great humor, a lot of energy. Really fun characters and an original idea. I really dig the pacing and the designs here, there were a ton of obscure videogame references (Commander Keen?! The dope fish???), aside from the weird noses which I wasn't a big fan of to be honest. The problem is.. the final art style and animation might not end up looking like this. They made a few minisodes, or rather animation tests in different styles which you can see here below:

Alright, this was beautifuly animated, very smooth. Very internet-ysh (Egoraptor anyone?). I doubt they will go with this one, though. It looks fairly complicated for a serialized cartoon.

This seems more in line with some recent shows, like Sanjay & Craig. Reminiscent of Fox's ADHD cartoons. The heroine is looking less and less like a Shantae ripoff here with the shorter hair. I'm not a big fan of this here, but I could see them go with that for the actual series.

This is gorgeous!! I love it! I really doubt they'll go with this style, but I would love it! I like the very thin lines and no visible outlines.

I'm fairly certain Cartoon Network will go with their more familiar blocky look and thick outlines, it's far easier to animated and work with.


Long Gone Gulch 

Alright, and while we're at it, there's been a Kickstarter campaign from the entire crew behind Teen Titans Go! to make an original new cartoon series. Why a Kickstarter campaign? Because nobody ordered them to offer a new pilot, so they asked fans to help them out.

It's not gonna be a random joke series, but a more serialized adventure series with some great terrific designs, great characters and plenty of humor!

Here's the official Kickstarter campaign page:

And here's the official teaser trailer:

Long Gone Gulch Trailer from Tara & Zach on Vimeo.

And Kickstarter video:

And GREAT NEWS for animation fans, they reached their goals! They gonna animated the pilot!

That's right the most complicated part is still eft open in the air, they will have to sell the show to a studio afterwards...

Crossing fingers! Let's hope they can make this into a full series, everybody's already in love with these new characters!

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