Saturday, August 13, 2016

#Recap #SummerOfSteven WEEK 4 Review END!

And the Summer of Steven finally came to an end this week!

This last week of the Cartoon Network Steven Universe event #SummerOfSteven ended with a resolution of Season 3... and the first couple of episodes of Season 4! Let's recap!

Join me in this Summer of Steven event!
These last few episodes have been pretty much an ongoing story. With Amethyst accepting who she is in relation to the Gems and Steven, and Jasper collecting various Corrupted Gems around to build her own army.

The week began with one of the best episodes, with plenty of development and cute moments. Peridot and Lapis' scenes at the beginning truly stole the show for me!

Those two are just the cutest, and I'm glad we can finally see Lapis smiling a little. Also they've begun adapting their homw-Barn? And making art! I mean, meep-morps.

Then Peridot took Steven and Amethyst to see the "Kindergarten Beta" where Jasper (and a bunch of misshaped Gems) were "created"... this ended with a big cliffhanger, continuing the next episode!

Amethyst, Steven & Peridot (!) Vs. Jasper!

Well, we got a new, cute fusion out of this scenario, Amethyst and Steven had grew up a lot lately. this resulted in Smoky Quartz! A cute little cookie using yo-yos for weapons!

And Peridot got to poof Jasper!

This episode also ended in a cliffhanger, leading to the return of the Rubies from Homeworld!

Amethyst didn't catch a break and pretended to be Jasper for a whole trip to the Moon!

These last episodes left the action to focus more on the lore and world building.

Steven got caught in a bubble adrift in space - with the "Eyeball" Ruby!

I wonder if there's a bunch of Rubies floating around the Moon now...?

Will word get out to Homeworld? Or will they simply notice they lost communication with Peridot, Jasper and a bunch of Rubies now? Anyway, I think this will bring the plot of the next Season to focus...

Speaking of, we also began the start of Season 4!

A Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner-parody, no less! I didn't expect to see Steven Universe become a Looney Tunes episode. This was a really funny episode, with a lot of fun throwbacks to LT.

This Corrupted Gem was hilarious too! And Peridot!! And.. and...

I kinda feel every scene came from a different storyboard artist, though.

Finally the week ended with Garnet and Pearl's first encounter with Smoky! Which they hijacked as Sardonyx!!

Poor Smoky...

This was a really solid week, and a fantastic way to bring some closure to this Summer of Steven and the various different storyarcs. Jasper is no more. Amethyst and Steven made peace and now there's a bunch of Ruby satellites orbiting around the Moon!

And I can't wait to see what comes next, and I'm glad the show didn't immediately go on hiatus and we're going back to the regular Thursdays schedule!

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