Thursday, October 13, 2016

1PanelReview Terminator 1 (NES)

No, I didn't miss the NES Terminator game

I just tried to avoid it until now...

What it is: The Terminator (NES) also known as simply T1 (NES)

Which is: A sidescroller platformer/run & gun/driving/action game
Created by: Radical Entertainment/Mindscape/Bethesda Softworks
Year: December 1992
Available on: NES & various

The Terminator franchise has spawned countless video games over the years, from the titles directly inspired by the films to the excellent Bethesda first person shooters. The first two films received a particularly impressive number of tie-in games on most systems available at the time. Most times Flying Edge did the Sega versions, while LJN did the Nintendo games.

After a relatively good Mega Drive adaptation and a pretty fun if difficult Master System adaptation, here comes the NES adaptation! Made by Radical Entertainment for Mindscape.

What's Good about it: This is as loose an adaptation as you get from some typical sidescroller NES games.
The story of the game sticks very loosely to the movie. But honestly, it feels like they didn't even bother. You get the usual platformer stages, including the sewers level! Sarah Connor is barely in it. You simply play as Kyle Reese fighting robots to save the future, what's more needed? Oh and you use guns and grenades.
The T-800s are a big pain in your ass, but you can almost avoid them by doing some platforming jumps around. You fight for what seems half of the game in the post-apocalyptic future, before sort of "being" in 1984 Los Angeles at some random point.
There are some recognizable locations like the police station and the climax at the factory.
It's a competent run & gun up to a point...

What's Bad about it: ... and that's it. The game is very laborious, forcing you to backtrack huge segments because of the awful platforming.
The whole game is actually pretty short, so they try to up the challenge with two elements.
For one it's a really difficult hardcore game. The difficulty quickly amps up through the roof!
And secondly, they try to shake things up with a handful of "insert" levels. From time to time, to move to another set of locations, you will get a driving stage.
You know the original Terminator is very much a chase movie? So right off the bat you will get a sidescroller chase in the future to avoid and destroy an HK unit. It's manageable, if not the best.
But after that you will get a few top-down driving stages and those are simply a pain. Barely playable and really bothersome...
And finally, no disrespect to the poor ol' NES, but these were some of the ugliest graphics I've seen on the system. All black and boring backdrop. Awful sprites and visuals. Nothing makes much sense or looks any close to how it should. The only decent things are the "Terminators". Kyle Reese looks really weird and off.
And let's not forget the game basically has no continues! So you only get a few lives to do it all...

Overall: Terminator 1 on the NES is really, really bad. Avoid it at all cost!

Don't even bother if you're a fan of The Terminator. It's that bad...

Alright, I almost reviewed them all, next up will be the SNES and Sega CD versions!
I give it: 0.5 / 3!

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