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#Blog - Hey Eyz! Whatcha gonna watch this season? [2016-17 Edition!]

It's that time of the year again, it's time to recap a new season of TV and digital series!

This year again, I feel like I dropped even more live action series... I'm still watching a lot of animated shows though!
Most of the stuff I watch are genre shows, like scifi and even horror stuff. I'm not big on drama or fantasy stuff. I mean I feel like once you watched one, you've watched them all! While scifi can still keep me invested and I'm loving this return of horror to TV. And a lot of stuff I like as been scrapped anyhow (The Muppets, Wander Over Yonder, Key & Peele, etc...).

ANGIE TRIBECA One of the funniest surprises from these past few years just finished its 2nd Season this summer. But fear not, this satirical police procedural comedy in the style of Poolice Squad/The Naked Gun will return for a 3rd Season next year on TBS!

FRESH OFF THE BOAT I wanted to keep up with this one, but I kinda lost this Everybody Hates Chris-like series from sight. The show's 3rd Season will begin on October 11.

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE Season 4 starts this week!!! Get Psyched!!

DEADBEAT Alright, I'm super late on this one! I found out about this little Hulu supernatural comedy series not long ago. Apparently Season 3 just ended this past summer, must catch up a fun Tyler Labine series that sort of-reminds me of Reaper!

CON MAN A webseries with Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion which best can be summarized as "the exaggerated fictional life of Alan Tudyk from Firefly". It started as a crowdfunded pitch and a 2nd bigger Season will begin late 2016 on Comic-Con HQ!

LOVE A new series from Judd Apatow on Netflix! The first season was released back in February - still need to catch this up! And Season 2 will be released in 2017!

MASTER OF NONE One of my favorite new series! Basically a show about problems only Aziz Ansari would have (like a favorite restaurant moving two blocks down..). Season 2 will be dropped on Netflix next year!

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Third Season of the best Netflix comedy coming up next year! Yay!!

The Last Man on Earth One of the best post-apocalyptic comedies you'll find on TV! What do you mean there's not any other??? Season 3 will premiere on September 25!

MAKING HISTORY A new project by Phil Lord and Chris Miller?? This is easily my most expected new show of the year! It's set to start in 2017 on Fox. So you know it will be great and they'll cancel it right away.

SON OF ZORN Basically He-Man redone Roger Rabbit style! I might watch a few episodes. It started last week or so on Fox.

SILICON VALLEY This show's been geting better and better! Season 4 was confirmed and expexted for next year.

LOUIE My favorite comedy was put on hold. That's right, Louis CK doesn't really wanna make more episodes of Louie so he put it on "extended hiatus". But he doesn't want to actually end the show in case he has a change of heart... Sigh...

Live Action Drama

MR. ROBOT I'm having a blast with this show! Season 2 actually just concluded today! But fear not, Season 3 was confirmed and will air in 2017!

TWIN PEAKS I can't believe we're finally getting a third Season so many years later... David Lynch & Mark Frost's unique supernatural drama will return for a limited series on Showtime next year! And I cannot wait to see what happens with Agent Dale Cooper!!


11.22.63 Is a great Stephen King-inspired limited series that actually ended back in April. But I have yet to watch the 8 episodes!!

BRAINDEAD This scifi alien invasion CBS series just ended its first season actually. I've still yet to catch it, which I intend to do!

Dirk Gentley’s Holistic Detective Agency There's a new adaptation of a Douglas Adams work coming up! And this one stars Elijah Wood! Sure. Why not! It comes from Max Landis. And it's expected for October 22 on BBC America!


STRANGER THINGS This hit Netflix series has already become one of my favorite recent new shows in ages! It basically mixes everything I loved about the 80s in one great Gravity Falls/Twin Peaks-esque horror drama series. Season 2 is expected for 9 more episodes in 2017!

ASH VS EVIL DEAD The second Season of my current favorite show will begin on October 2 on Starz, just on time for Halloween! I just love seeing such a great continuation of my favorite film series. It's great having a fun Bruce Campbell show to look up for every week. And now the show will finally be able to reference Army of Darkness directly!!

STAN AGAINST EVIL A new horror/comedy series starring "Dr. Cox from Scrubs" is expected for November 2 on IFC (what the heck is that channel!?).

CHANNEL ZERO This new horror anthology show on SyFy actually sounds pretty fun! It will be inspired by countless little disturbing tales you can find on the internet and creepypasta stuff - but it actually backs it up with some top notch production values! Starts September 27!

THE STRAIN This Guillermo del Toro horror series started pretty strong, but I kinda ditched it later... let's see if Season 3 can bring me back this year!

Friday the 13th So, since creator Sean S. Cunningham was able to get a hold of his creation he's been trying to solidy the series under his control. While a new (rebooted?) film has been hold in production for quite some time, there's also a companion TV series supposedly taking place across Jason Voorhees' history. Last time we heard about it it was being developed by the CW but they let it go when they saw the pilot was "darker than what [they] wanted it to be". Can another channel pick this up, it already sounds great in my eyes!

CRITTERS A webseries has been in production by Warner Bros. No word on that for now, but with Ash Vs Evil Dead receiving so much praise now sounds like the best of times to explore this!

THE WALKING DEAD The highly expected Season 7 is set to start on October 23. I can't wait to "see Lucille in action"....

FEAR THE WALKING DEAD The mixed-to-average prequel series' 2nd Season is coming to an end this October, when the main series come back. After that another Season's already been confirmed for next year!


DC'S ARROW Green Arrow's adventures on the CW are expected to return on October 5! It's the last Season with those annoying flashbacks!!!  Arrow will also be joined by Mister Terrific and Wild Dog this season!

DC'S THE FLASH Barry will find himself in a Flashpoint paradoxe on October 4! I cannot wait for my favorite comic book show! As always, the new Season will feature several new speedsters including Jessie Quick and Kid Flash!

DC'S SUPERGIRL Now that Supergirl's joined the CW (as she always should have from the start), Season 2 will begin on October 10! Superman and Miss Martian will pop up this Season! I cannot wait for the 4-way CW crossovers. Speaking of....

DC'S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW The time travelling band of mishiefs will return for a 2nd run on October 3! This 2nd Season will introduce the JSA!!!

DC'S VIXEN Even CW's attempt at an animated series is expected to return! I kinda wish they could just do these in live action, though...

POWERLESS So there's a new DC Comics series coming up which won't even air on the CW (before it gets obviously canned by NBC and the CW decides to buy it off like they did with Supergirl and Constantine). It will actually follow a very Marvel premise (that of Damage Control) - it's a sitcom about a workplace that has to deal with the damage superheroes cause during their fights. The pilot was well received and the show should start any time soon. Plus it will feature two of my favorite actors Danny Pudi and Alan Tudyk!

MARVEL'S AGENTS OF SHIELD Now that Agent Carter's been canceled (or as I like to put it "put on hold") and Marvel's Most Wanted wasn't picked up, only Agents of SHIELD remains on mainstream television. At least Season 4, which just started yesterday, promises to be quite interesting, different and unique with Ghost Rider joining in the cast of the show! And as a huge fan of all GR iterations, I'm glad to see Robbie Reyes adapted to live action!

MARVEL'S DAMAGE CONTROL Long-time rumored, a series around the clean up crew of the Marvel Universe is expected for this Season. The show has been pitched to ABC as a half-hour comedy show and there's apparently a pilot in production.

MARVEL'S CLOAK AND DAGGER A live action series based on these two underrated Marvel characters is in development for Freeform, previously-ABC Family. It's expected for 2017!

MARVEL'S LUKE CAGE I cannot wait for Luke! This is the next Netflix MCU series and it will be released on September 30!!

MARVEL'S IRON FIRST It's about time for Danny Rand's debut, the series is expected for early 2017! But I sincerly hope we get a glimpse of him in his Heroes-For-Hire partner's Netflix show.

MARVEL'S THE DEFENDERS The equivalent to The Avengers as far as Marvel's Netflix heroes are concerned. It will be a culmination of all previous Nerflix shows and make the heroes cross path with the Hand once and for all. It's expected as a 8-episode limited serie event in 2017 after Iron First.

MARVEL'S THE PUNISHER Frank Castle will get his own spinoff series after a great debut on Daredevil (kind of like how the comic book Punisher was launched of Spider-Man comics).

MARVEL'S JESSICA JONES A 2nd Season will be shot back-to-back with the crossover event.

MARVEL'S DAREDEVIL remains my favorite Marvel production at the time! A season 3 is planned after the crossover series, so I guess we'll have to wait until 2018 at the earliest for the return of the Kingpin of Crime!

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY The cartoon inspired by the MCU movie inspired by the Dan Abnett Marvel comics of the same name is finally getting a bit better now that it's finally taking cues from the books and not just riffing on the single film. I admit I haven't kept it up to date, but I want to go back to it.

THE TICK 2016 A new Tick series from creator Ben Edlund! I watched the pilot. I liked it. But I also felt underwhelmed by it... we'll see! 

TMNT (2012) This show started great... and now I have no idea if I'm finally about to drop it. Season 5 will start in January 8 next year. Oh, well.. At least there's the great IDW comics!


GOLAN THE INSATIABLE This webseries turned full on Fox animated series is currently on hiatus. And I would love to see more of it!!

WABBIT This show's... not as good as I wished it would be. A return to short segments-format, with more slapstick and self-contained stories. I wanted it to be Warner Bros.' answer to Disney's new Mickey Mouse shorts. But I do miss the Looney Tunes Show and its Seinfeld-inspired vibe. Season 1 is still airing but Warner immediately dumped the entire show on DVD release a while ago. I should go around reviewing that at some point too...

ADVENTURE TIME We're still waiting for the last two episodes of Season 7 - the mysteriously titled "Preboot" and "Reboot" - which might or might not tie into the recently announced Adventure Time big budget theater film. And after that Season 8 is set to start airing anytime soon later this year.

REGULAR SHOW The last season Season 8 "Regular Show in Space" is set to start next week! Hyped!! And kind of sad to see the adventures of Mordecai and Rigby come to an end...

STEVEN UNIVERSE is currently airing its 4th Season, with a 5h one planned down the line. Some fans fear Season 5 might be the last, though....

CLARENCE A very awesome yet underrated cartoon. Season 2 is currently on hold, but it's set to come back around October! Yay!

MICKEY MOUSE The show is in the middle of its 3rd Season, but it keeps getting stuck in hiatuses...

Milo Murphy's Law I wasn't a big fan of Dan Povenmire & Jeff "Swampy" Marsh's previous cartoon, Phineas and Ferb. But this one's looking great so far. "Weird Al" Yankovic is set to voice the main character and even have some input on the show! I can't wait for that! The show wil lstart on Disney XD on October 3!

Star vs. the Forces of Evil This quirky little animated series from Disney's only getting better with a strong Season 2 right now. A Season 3 was confirmed already!

WANDER OVER YONDER My favorite cartoon in recent years has been canceled after only two seasons.. I'm putting this up here because I'm honestly still hoping for another Season (why didn' Craig McCracken go for another channel, Disney never keep things up long)...

Be Cool, Scooby-Doo! Despite the art style, this was a big hit and miss reboot of Scooby-Doo. It's lighter and more comedic than the last iteration of the show was - Mystery Inc. - but not necessary a better formula for Scoobs. The first Season was on hiatus but is set to return this fall!

THE SIMPSONS How are The Simpsons still going on?! Apparently Season 28 (!!!) will start September 25! Let's see if they reach Season 30! I do still kind of watch the eventual new episode whenever...

RICK AND MORTY Rick and Morty will return some time by the end of 2016, Morty. Morty, you hear me, Morty? The show will return for 14 more episodes, Morty. 14 more episodes for a 3rd Season, Morty! RickandMortydotcom! Rick and Morty forever, and ever, Morty!

MIKE TYSON MYSTERIES The show's 2nd Season concluded this past summer. I think Adult Swim might bring it back for a third one but nothing's been confirmed for now.

VENTURE BROS. The longest running original series on Adult Swim is currently in production for... whenever they're ready to releae more episodes. It's been the slowest run ever! 6 Seasons over 13 years already!!


ROBOT CHICKEN It's still on?? This show's been having an on and off relationship with Adult Swim, I have no idea how many times it has been canceled and picked up again. Apparently we might get a Season 9 (specially after grabbing that last Emmy Award), but probably after another new Special..

SONIC BOOM I watched a couple of episodes, with not much attention, but it seems fun (much better than the games, easily). It's your typical Cartoon Network short segment format. Season 2 starts this fall!

Mighty No. 9 Did you know Mighty No. 9 was supposed to receive an animated series? Let aside all the "internet hate" you might have or not regarding this game, Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune should try to launch so many projects at the same time... Anyways, this CGi animated series was expected this year, but looking at the reception of the game we might see this one come out...

STAR WARS REBEL I kind of lost sight of this one, I dunno, it never caught my attentions (not as much as Clone Wars anyways). Season 3 starts on September 24!

DRAGON BALL SUPER Super is kind of... a weird experience. It's already in its 4 or 5 story arc, but nothing seems to move forward. I admit, I'm probably the only one who prefers GT over this. There's no real.. sense of progression, if you get what I mean.. And it's about to catch up on GT's 65 episodes run! I'm kinda expecting the translation of the manga which is supposed to come next year.

And that is all for this year, personally! Which is already enough in my eyes. I'm probably drop half of the above... we'll see!

And you, what are you all looking for this year?

Comments below, so let's hear them! 

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  1. Only to say i prefer GT over this crap of Super experience too.
    Im going to start watching stranger things cause i read around there that its a weird mash up about Silent Hill vg series and other clasics, dunno, im a little interested. I'll continue watching Ash cause the first season was awesome and the achieve to mantain the esence of the 80s film of the series aaaand.. probably Twin Peeks... god, im super excited!