Tuesday, September 27, 2016

#MarvelNEWS Marvel's best superhero team, the GREAT LAKES AVENGERS, return!!!

Marvel announced not long ago the return of my all-time favorite superhero team (*coughcough* I miss the JLI, DC!!*cough*) the GREAT LAKES AVENGERS!!!

That's right! The original Great Lakes Avengers X-Men Defenders Initiative Avengers will return to the Marvel Universe — that means Mr. Immortal, Flatman, Big Bertha, and Doorman! This will actually be their first proper ongoing series, since all they did until now were a bunch of one-offs one shots and the infamous Misassembled miniseries.

This new series will be written by ZAC GORMAN with art by WILL ROBSON (and they even got a cover from MIKE ALLRED! Here's the official press release:
Because the Midwest needs Avenging too! Today, Marvel is pleased to present your first look inside GREAT LAKES AVENGERS #1 – a brand-new series launching as part of Marvel NOW!. Marvel newcomers Zac Gorman (Rick & Morty) and Will Robson (Star-Lord) look to put their stamp on the House of Ideas this October with a new series starring the world’s least favorite super team! But when the GLA gets reinstated as permanent members of the Avengers, it’s time for them to turn it all around and restore themselves to their former super hero glory. Their mission? Cleaning up the mean streets of Detroit! That’s right – Mr. Immortal, Flatman, Doorman, Big Bertha and newcomer Good Boy are leading the charge to make Detroit a better place. But can they answer the call? Or will the Motor City prove too much for the GLA? Find out next month when GREAT LAKES AVENGERS #1 comes to comic shops and digital devices on October 12th!
Apparently the GLA will now have a life-sized cardboard cutout of Squirrel Girl stand in for the heroine, since she's now moved into bigger things on her own series. And here's some preview cover art:

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