Sunday, December 4, 2016

#GamingNEWS A couple of Naughty Dog news

At the PSX 2016, Sony showed some surprises regarding upcoming Naughty Dog titles.

First, here's a reveal trailer for the long-rumored, long-awaited Last of Us sequel, The Last of Us Part 2 (I loved that first game, but really? We're going with "Part 2"?? Ok...):

Sounds intriguing! No actual gameplay footage, though. They really cleaned up this CGi reveal trailer. Joel is back (for now..). Ellie's gonna be the main character, I'm sure. Prepare to shed a tear on a story that didn't actually really need a sequel...

More surprising, they also announced a new Uncharted sequel! Whaaaaat?

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. A... spinoff title? A side-quel? Whith Chloe from Uncharted 2? Why not Drake's brother from the last game? Or a proper follow-up with Drake's daughter or Drake himself?... I don't... Let's just watch:

O...kay. I don't exactly understand this game so far. Aside from the brief combat at the end that looked like Uncharted, this could as easily been a random new standalone idea. This seems to be made by Naughty Dog's "b team" compared to the other one above. The full game better revolve around some Indiana Jones-esque treasure hunt. And also, a whole game to 2 minor supporting Uncharted characters? Hmmm...

Anyways, 'got pumped for some upcoming new PS4 games. Me likey.

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