Tuesday, December 27, 2016

#Troubleshooting RIP Computer 2011-2016 #update 3

#update 3Hello everyone!

I'm writing this to:
1 - first, tell you all HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Merry Xmas, etc! :santa:
and 2 - say I finally ended up buying a new computer.
That's right. Now I'm discovering Windows 10 finally (I had Win 7), and it's both decent and really annoying.

Anyways, after spending over a week trying to solve my BSOD issues, I had to give up. I still have no idea if that was a problem related to my motherboard, the RAMs, drivers or something else.. Anyways all the solutions some of you wrote me taught me a lot.. but never really solved my problem.

BECAUSE OF ALL THAT, I'm super late with the Xmas drawings I had planned, a few of your commissions, comics, blog reviews, etc.

I still plan to do most of that.. only now it will be super-delayed!

Anyways, see you around! Take care everyone!

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