Thursday, February 16, 2017

#OpeningTheme DC's Powerless Season 1 Opening Credits / Intro

Alright. I checked out DC's new show "Powerless"... and I loved it! A lot of people talking down on the show seem to have preferred the pilot.. which we'll never get to see, so I don't see any reason to complain about something I'll never get to watch.

By itself, Powerless is a fun tribute/parody of superhero stories. And it has Danny Pudi in it (yay!) and Alan Tudyk (YES!!!!), so it's my favorite new show by default.

And the fact it was pretty funny certainly helped it.

Plus it's probably the only current show I watch which actually has an opening credits, so it even has that over the DC CW shows or Marvel's Agents of SHIELD.

And it's easily the best opening credits I've seen in ages!!! Look at how cool/original/funny this is:

..That's actually... pretty clever!!! I love this intro!!!

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