Tuesday, May 16, 2017

#TVNews Trailers for THE ORVILLE and GHOSTED

There's not a lot of promising new shows for next season, in my eyes. Nothing really caught my attention so far. Well, except from...

Oddly enough, Seth MacFarlane’s new live action series, which will be a Star Trek spoof. When the actual producers of the franchise can't manage to get a proper ongoing film series going strong or are having trouble launching a new TV show, MacFarlane was able to both capture the tone and get something very reminiscent of the fan favorite film Galaxy Quest.

it's titled The Orville and it also stars Adrianne Palicki!

Next up the long-awaited trailer for the upcoming Adam Scott-Craig Robinson paranormal comedy!

Ghosted is a show about these two hilarious dudes facing of paranormal threats! Check it out:


Fox is slowing turning into mid-1990s NBC!! I welcome all these new comedy shows!

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