Monday, July 10, 2017

#MovieNEWS BLEACH live action film TRAILER


There's going to be a live action film of the popular shonen series Bleach.

And this super-short teaser while it doesn't show anything really, does seem to hint at basically what you'd expect. There's this dude with orange air and gigantic sword.

Hopefully if it stays relatively close to the beginning of the manga series, it might actually be a decent film (and better than the later storylines).

Check it out:

It always feel weird looking at these Japanese manga film adaptations, but I think this might be good. American fanboys aside - lemme explain - once you get in the proper mindset of the different in aesthatic and budget, I often find myself enjoying these live action films. (Even Ranma worked great in my eyes.)

Even Bleach creator Tite Kubo never expected to see the main character’s hair on the big screen. But there it is.

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