Saturday, July 15, 2017

#Review Spider-Man: Homecoming

So I just came back from watching Spider-Man: Homecoming.  And I must say.. I enjoyed it.
Let me start off with a little side-comment tangent.
There was basically nobody in the theater:

But that might be because we went for the regular 2D showing and not the 3D one. At 2PM.
Let’s dig right into it: this came really close to Sam Raimi’s first two films. It was just as fun, enjoyable and epic.
I say close. Because in a few spots I actually found it was better than Raimi’s. But on some others.. Not as much.
One of my favorite aspects was the music - I’m glad to see Michael Giacchino return for another film. His Doctor Strange work was fantastic! And I love how they did it.. they took the 1960s Spider-Man cartoon theme song AND used it in the film! Not as an easter egg like past films, but the actual opening theme for the film! Orchestral and all!
And the film itself had a lot of nods to Spidey’s comic book career, the cartoon and the past films. Mostly Sam Raimi’s original films.
The entire film had fun allusions to past films (the above pictured ferry scene from the trailers was a nice nod to the train scene from SM2). Even a huge twist near the end reminding me of the Norman Osborn scenes from SM1.
Story-wise it was a nice mashup of classic Stan Lee-era Spider-Man and Bendis’ Ultimate Spider-Man (both Peter or Miles). It was all very Ultimate-ysh. Ned Leeds is basically Ganke from Miles’ series. The Vulture, Shocker, Thinkerer (and Scorpion) were all a mix of 616 and Ultimate Comics. Peter was classic Peter with a touch of Ultimate. And we might get Ultimate Prowler at some point!
The film was a nice smaller-scale adventure than the last few MCU films. Which is kind of the whole point of the film, at the end when Spidey gets to finally talk again with Tony Stark.
The ties to the MCU were ok. That’s where I’m kinda mixed on this. As an aftermath story to the Avengers it worked nicely like Wilson Fisk on Marvel’s Netflix shows. But all the references and ties to the MCU were getting a bit overboard.
I did like how Jon Favreau’s Happy had a lot more presence throughout the film than Iron Man.
We’ve been getting a lot of decent Marvel villains finally. And the Vulture was great. A more sympathetic figure than most villains usually, with a decent backstory and some development as well. I love how the film basically starts from his point of view (Damage Control!! Finally!!).
The action was very nice and less chaotic than Spider-Man 3 and the Amazing films. A lot more school scenes with finally an age-appropriate cast! The film did feel kind of-John Hughes-ysh in those parts, with a soundtrack borrowing a lot of familiar songs (less emphasis on it like Guardians of the Galaxy), we even ended with a nice credits sequence over a Ramones song! (Was there an Oingo Boingo song at some point??)
Phase 3 of the MCU films are off to a great start. I enjoyed every single one of them so far. And I’m super-hyped for Ragnarok and Black Panther next!!
This certainly didn‘t top my favorite one so far, Guardians Vol.2.
I can’t wait to see how Spidey will evolve over the next films.
Footnote: That Post Credits stinger was either the most frustrating one so far.. or the BEST ONE. Patience..

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