Thursday, August 31, 2017

#MovieNEWS Blade of the Immortal - Official Trailer

Great news everyone!

One of my favorite Japanese film directors is back with an adaptation I didn't expect...!

Takashi Miike is making an adaptation of "Blade of the Immortal".

A now-sadly obscure great samurai manga from the early 2000s. I only read like two volumes of it, but I remember really loving these books. (I had the above volume!) It's about an immortal samurai warrior seeking revenge against those who betrayed him.

Here is the first proper "red-band" trailer:.

It looks AWESOME!!

And some people (on the internet..) dare say the Japanese adaptation of manga series are not great... Sigh..

The film will be out in November in some places worldwide (September in the US, in Texas!).

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  1. I know it came out a month ago or so in Japan, and I THINK it didn't perform well? Maybe, I've been hearing lots of film adaptations barely doing so well over there. Though first time hearing it having a "Red Tape" trailer, so I'm guessing this is a sort of director's cut? Who knows.

    Also there should be a Miike film for Jojo Part 4 out soon, which I hear is alright.