Thursday, March 15, 2018

#Blog Got myself one more Sega System

To make things harder on my retro-gaming side, I decided to get myself one more old school Sega console.

I already had a Sega SG-1000 (mark II model):
And the original Sega Master System (European model):
And this just came in the mail...!
A Japanese Sega Mark III (basically a Japanese Master System, not really another version of the SG-1000 like the mark II).

Here she is next to her older sister:

It’s a great addition for me, since she is basically a multi-compatible SG-1000/Master System (and Sega Card) console.
Trying some games:
Alex Kidd (a MS game)
The original Flicky (a SG-1000 game)

Next step - the original SG-1000...!
(but it’s super-expensive, even on ebay, so for now we’ll keep it aside...)

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