Monday, June 11, 2018

#E32018 Day 1 Bethesda saves the day

After an okay start with Microsoft and a boring conference from EA, comes Bethesda to save the day.

I mean, I don't know about me. But all the stuff that caught my attention came from Bethesda's panel.

After opening up with a full-on goddamn' Andrew W.K. concert (he seems to be the mascot/opening theme for this game, from the looks of all the videos so far), they showed some more of the extremely fun-looking RAGE 2. Which seems like a decent compromise between the original RAGE and Avalanche’s Mad Max from not long ago. Looks gorgeous too. Sign me up!

Prey is apparently getting some sweet AND FREE DLC! Nice!

Fallout 76 is turning out to be a sort of Fallout 4-online mode.

Finally id Software to steal the show, in my eyes. First up with YET ANOTHER FRICKIN' FANTASTIC WOLFESTEIN!! Machine Games return for yet another modern installement of the current series with Wolfenstein: Youngblood. The nazis are still overwhelming that reality (not just youtube comments..) (more seriously, which kinda explains how we end up with people harvesting energy from Hell, down the timeline..), and we now time skip to the 1980s. BJ's still fighting the good fight, with his kids! AND I CANNOT WAIT!!!

And if that wasn't enough BOOM! NEW DOOM ANNOUNCED!! DOOM Eternal is gonna be the 5th entry in one of my all-time beloved franchises!! I REALLY, REALLY LOVED the last Doom!! And now you tell me there's another? Pickin' up with the betrayal that sent the Doomguy to hell, getting back from there only to find HELL ON EARTH as any good Doom sequel should?? I WANT THIS ASAP!!!

I think they also announced a bunch of their classic RPG francOHMYGAWD A NEW DOOM! I DONT CARE ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE ANYMORE!!

Conclusion o' day: Bethesda won E3! Everyone, go home!

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