Saturday, June 9, 2018

#FightingNEWS Dead or Alive 6 Reveal Trailer

A new Dead or Alive was just randomly announced, right before E3!

Check out Dead or Alive 6:

While the game looks more or less exactly like DOA5 visually and design wise, with the slightly more realistic less-anime-ysh approach, the bump in overall details is a nice update.

They said the game will be more serious and mature than past games. Trying to go back to the series former glory? For all the nerds and otakus complaining about a fighting game trying to be taken seriously again.. did you just start gaming? They did say the exact same PR stuff word-for-word for the launch of DOA4 and DOA5 (remember "I'm a Fighter"??). Also, I would love to mention DOA in the same breath as Tekken or Street Fighter, it's not a newcomer but a long-running veteran series now! I often consider it a "B-movie" tier fighting game series. (But that's also my issue with how basic and simple the gameplay is..)

If DOA's gonna be more serious... Can we get more proper links between Dead or Alive and the Ninja Gaiden series? Not just costumes and cameos but full on shared story? That would help bump the story of this fighting game in a day and age where Mortal Kombat redefined the standard for good fighting game story. Also, DOA5's story mode was really awful...

Anyways, expect more gameplay on E3 and a release by the end of the year on PS4, X1 and PC.

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