Wednesday, June 6, 2018

#MovieNEWS Upcoming new animated films

Here's my 2-cents:

First up here's a look at "The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part":

This LEGO Movie 2 looks neat. I still love the way they animated it, stop-motion-ysh style. Sad to see Lord & Miller leave directing duties here as well. (*cough*SOLO*cough*)

I dig the Mad Max-post apocalypse vibe. Not sure a second one will keep the same surprises for the end, but you can sort of see they will continue that background narrative here with the instable world. Also, Chris Pratt always gets my vote.

And about the same time Disney unveiled a new proper trailer for Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2:

I always said "Ralph Breaks The Internet" was a bad title and reference, and the characters even make fun of that! Was that forced by the PR department? Anyways, this on the other hand came off an equally commercial "advertisement" product as the first LEGO movie, and yet... this sequel seems way too much BUY OUR STUFF! LOOK AT OUR BRANDS than the original. It comes dangerously close to EMOJI movie territory in my eyes. I liked the cutesy funny princess sequence, but all the other... looking at all the brands "on the internet" (seriously, "Amazon"?)... I mean, to say it simply, WHERE'S MY VIDEOGAMES!?!?!

And on a much better note, they announced the cast and the Halloween 2019 release date for... an animated Addams Family film!! YES!! SIGN ME ON!!

Look at this first picture!! It's perfect!! It's quite reminiscent of the fantastic Charles Addams illustrations and comic strips!! I love it!!

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