Saturday, April 10, 2010

Me Am Bizarro!! #1

Who am I? Who am I, I hear you ask?

Well, let's start from the middle then go around the beginning and hopefully not the end...

You can call me EYZ. Most of you guys & gals that will/are reading this exact line I'm writing from the past (huh..?) probably know me from deviantArt TM. You know, that website with tons of Pokémon and Sonic fanart and nude "model" pics who never gets banned.

If you found me with Blogspot or google search for an unknown reason (probably searching for keywords such as Platypus and Echidna alongside Eyz...) PLEASE! Continue to read me!!! Don't leave meeee! NOOOO!! Don't click on that "closing button" button!! How dare yo... Ho. You still here?

So, back on track.
Where were we?

I usually draw and upload fanart on deviantArt as well.
Now, who am I?
I'm a 20sumthin' living in Switzerland, Europa, Earth.
I love 80s stuff since I was born at that time and grew up watching stuff produced then. Be it movies, cartoons, games...
But I like what the 90s brought us, like better games, some cult movies/tv shows and more colors on people's clothes.
And then around the 2000s stuff got real man!
Like gritty, darker, edgier... emo... bad... Ok, ok, I don't hate our modern times, but I hate how people hate everything now! Look at all those "AngryVideoGameNerds" wannabees... What's with all the hate?! At least there's some funnier guys looking back at things like the happy game nerd, the spoony one... Hey! Hey!! Why am I talkin' about them now?

So back to me! Yes I do like stuff nowadays, but not MAINSTREAM stuff! That's the problem in my eyes. Mainstream is so... "cliché". So redundant now... I will find a lot more fun watching a modern B-movie than a modern blockbuster movie!

Who am I, like I tried to answer before? I'm currently a graphic designer (at least, I think so...)
I would luuuuuuv to make a comic or something close to it someday. Because of this kind of job/occupation, I usually do have time to play some games, read some comics and watch some movies in my spare time.

I did try to write some reviews/opinions on dA (deviant. try to keep up, 'kay?) But I finally tought HEY! A blog's better! And can be writter during/uploaded from work!

So I will be writing my opinion, games/comics reviews and more!

You can discuss about what I write on the comments here below and I hope to have feedback ;)

My objective here? At least have 3 people watching/reading me here! What? Yeah, let's be realistic.

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  1. You am Bizarro #1! You am not Eyz!

    So I guess by having a Platypus and Echidna, people will mistake this blog to being related to either Phineas & Ferb or Knuckles. At least you'll get more people thru false advertising~!

    Well, at least you got me beat with the whole website thing. Was thinking of making a blog account instead for all the comic/drawing update thingy, but I'll keep that in mind. (Or rather, do that, and hope somebody would make a website or something similar. Hrmm... tricky)

    And yes, too much hate! Then again, even the hateful people like AVGN, Nostalgia Critic and Linkara can still have POSITIVE things to say time to time. But it's funnier to see exaggerated negative emotions, I guess.