Sunday, April 11, 2010, I guess I'm a gamer?

That's a lot of video game systems me and my bro' collect all these years...

I guess this makes me a gamer!
Or at least a game collector! Hey, everybody his occupation :P

Half of them were bought in second hand, in case you're wandering!

A little bit of history now:
I grew up on SEGA. I'm a Sega gamer! I do not have anything against Nintendo, but I've always been a fan of SEGA at heart. I love their games, the unique arcade feel they have compared to Nintendo ones. It's just my tastes! Of course I played SEGA's arch nemesis company Nintendo's console as well, but like the SNES, it was a bunch of years later, in second hand!

I've got the VIDEOPAC+/ODYSSEY 2 from my father who I can't imagine, has been a gamer at some point. 'Got a handfull of games on that system!

One of the underrated systems and a favorite of mine has to be the PC ENGINE (I have the DUO-R version which combines the HuCard console and the later CD based one). It's known as the Turbografx in North America.

After the, *hum*, the fall of the Dreamcast *tear slides across my face*
I went into the Xbox/Gamecube... And not the PS2, see since the 32bits era, I could never manage to like Sony, for many MANY reasons... You know, it's because of their exclusive deals such as with Tomb Raider 2, the way they wanted only 3D games on the PS1 (even if some 2D games came to be later during it's lifetime) and their agressive marketing that the Sega Saturn didn't do well in Europe and America... And the Saturn IS one of my all time favorites, always playin' it to this day at least once a week!!

Anyway, I'll talk more about 2D and 3D some other time!
I did get a PS2 later on, much later on, a japanese one, around january 2009. Second hand too! For the fighting games mostly.

Currently I play a lot on the 360, which is pretty fine by me! Multiconsole games are most of the time developped on it and/or better on it!

What I don't have and would love to get: A NEO GEO. CD or not! Why? because for someone with my kind of tastes in gaming, it's THE must have! A classic! From one of my favorite developpers, SNK!

What I don't have and don't plan to get currently: A Nintendo 64. Never really been interested in it. I need more than 5 games on a system to require it in my collection. Ocarina of time/Majora's mask? Got them on a collection disc on Gamecube! Mario 64? ... another story (I'll explain some other time... it's... complicated!)
 Another system? Oh, the PS3, right! Not interested currently. 1) it's Sony. So it will probably break and I won't be able to replace it for free/using a guarantee! Don't deny it! I've friends who just lost their PS3 with a Yellow Ring of Death! And Sony won't replace it because the warranty "expired". Well in Europe it should be for at least 3 years with electronics, but nooooo, Sony won't listen to that and not replace it because it's their rules!... Microsoft replaced my Xbox 360 when it went RingOfDeathThing-y. And off-warranty! Anyway...
2) I'm only interested, maybe, in Uncharted 1 and 2! Doesn't justify the price for me... Blu-rays? I've got all my movies on DVD! Don't count me on blu-rays, yet!

I plan on doing reviews in this blog from time to time, pick up from where I left my reviews on deviantArt maybe. You guys and gals can suggest me any ideas! I've already had a request or two on my latest polls there. A "rpg" and something else...

On this note, until next time~


  1. You should put them up for display in the future, like a museum!

  2. But..but.. you can't play them on a museum :/
    All of them are in working order! And plugged in mah tv!