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VGR Resident Evil 1

Well I told you guys I was gonna upload some old reviews from deviantArt in this blog as well : P

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VGR: Resident Evil / Biohazard
From Capcom
Played on Sega Saturn
Also available on Playstation, PC

Type Survival Horror
Year 1996

Okay! Let's try this one! My very first VGR (video game review)!

So this game's the first in the long running Resident Evil franchise...

It's one of, if not the first survival horror games ever made.
This term was first used by Capcom for this game, but the gameplay was already being used and developed by others companies a little before.
Alone in the Dark, for example, was the first to establish this gameplay that would be used for most RE after that.

It's a sort of mix between an adventure game (one giant setting to explore, with several items to collect, use and combine, various quests and many puzzles to resolve) and an action game (enemies to defeat, giant bosses, gunplay...).

You select one of the last 2 S.T.A.R.S. soldiers sent to a forest "in the Arklay Mountains" to search the mysteries behind bizarre murders...

Jill Valentine allows for a more tactical approach, her life goes down pretty quickly but she can carry more objects, pick locks, etc...

Chris Redfield offers a more hardcore experience, a lot less ammo available, more vicious enemies...

The game is all about exploring a macabre mansion...

...and surviving it!

Oh, and you'll die a lot! So be prepared to see that screen a lot!

If you're new to the series, it's a pretty unique gameplay that needs to be mastered!

Overall, it's a nice story, with some plot twists, a great huge world to explore, a nice gameplay mecanic and plenty of good ol' replay value!

A fun experience heavily inspired by George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead!

I give it:

 3 / 3 Quacks!
3 Quacks = a must play, 2 give it a try, 1 Quacks is a bad game, and 0 run from it!

Artwork © Eyz. Other material © Sega/Capcom

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