Thursday, July 8, 2010

I cannot find Chuck Norris badass...

Perhaps it's because I didn't grow up with the Internet around like you, younger kids today, have!

I dunno...

Or perhaps I don't understand this meme nor want to accept it...

Anyway, fact is, I don't understand nor cannot find Chuck Norris badass...

Another reason may be that I actually saw Chuck Norris in movies and on teevee.
I mean, I watched Way of the Dragon when I was pretty young.
And Bruce Lee did kick Chuck's ass pretty badly... There was this tension during most of the movie that this new guy, Norris' character, was dangerous. But in the end, Bruce Lee kicked his ass!

Then, I actually watched a lot of episodes of Walker, Texas Ranger. Probably most of the first 3 seasons!
Not because I actually loved the show. More like, I watched most of the stuff on tv at the time.
And I much prefered the Highlander tv series running on around that time.

I always found Walker (Chuck Norris) pretty bad in it....
I mean he came in, kick some people/kids ass with his karaté.
The guys ran off/kids joined him.
And there was that "lesson of the day"-stuff at the end everytime.

It was about "learning to fight for your own self-defense". "Kicking bad guys ass". "Learning to behave". "Be on the right side". "Not using drugs/dealing stuff/doing the good choices". "Helping others"...etc..
I mean, it was enough having already 80% cartoons telling us that! (Sonic, Mario, GI Joe, Transformers, etc..)
I much prefered to watch a good Batman cartoon or some epic sword fighting in Highlander!
Stop with the forced in teaching!!

Oh, and I actually always found more badass Clarence Gilyard/Trivette. Now that guy could kick ass!

Seriously though, I defy you to actually watch a whole episode of Walker Texas Ranger!

I imagine that those who idealize and idolize Chuck Norris (with all those Chuck Norris facts, memes, etc..) never actually watched Chuck Norris in anything!
(I mean, besides the 2 minutes youtube-poops in loop)
I've seen him in action, thus I cannot find Chuck Norris badass...


I mean, isn't Van Damme in whole intro sequence of the movie JCVD a lot more badass!
That whole sequence's been filmed in only one shot!! One shot!!

Get the Internet to love Van Damme right now, dammit! How many belgium actors do you guys know anyway? Isn't that almost a meme in the making?


  1. I dunno. I just find it pretty silly and amusing that they made such facts about Chuck Norris, that I just go with the joke time to time for the fun of it. And I did used to watch Walker Texas Ranger long ago. Well, it was on at the time, as you said. You pretty much will watch anything that's on Arabic TV, whether it's good or bad, but only because it's just on.
    (Well, one of the few things I like on the internet. I still despise Caramellen Dansen and Lolcats with a passion. And internet speak)

  2. I find Chuck Norris so....random...

    And I'm pretty sure 98% of the kids/dudes using Norris facts and jokes haven't watched a single show/movie with the guy in it!