Friday, May 25, 2012

#FanFilm Friday - "20th anniversary"

For today's #FanFilm Friday post, here's something very special.
Easily the best 3D/CGi animation I've ever seen, and it's not even an actual movie!

From fans to fans.


Gorgeous animation and very video!
Loved the pacing, and fun atmosphere specially.

This hommage to Dave Stevens was realized by "John Banana".
It was presented for last year's 20th anniversary off The Rocketeer. (about a ~year ago more or less)

This video's been getting a lot of praise from professional and/or fans of Dave.
"I laughed, I cried. Dave would have loved this wonderful hommage that totally captures the warmth, action and humor of his creation. Thank you for making this!"
William Stout -
Dave would have been impressed. It should be a televison series!
Paul De Meo - Rocketeer movie co-writer & co-screenwriter
I was fairly close with Dave (we worked together on a number of projects) and I know he would have dug this...
Scott Shaw
This is some professional-quality animation. I doubt an actual series/movie would hold a candle to this!


  1. sympa,mais il en faut plus souvent des comme ca :D
    ca fait plaisir de voir des fans du Rocketeer de nos jours