Sunday, March 3, 2013

CBR Ghost OMNIBUS: Vol. 2

I mean, in a new on-going series actually.
So why not celebrate it by going back to the original series?

After all this time, here's a continuation to my review of the Ghost comic book series by Dark Horse!
Which was - believe it or not - my 3rd comic book review! (this one's the #95th already!!)

Comic title: Ghost OMNIBUS: Volume 2
Art by Terry Dodson, Dave Bullock, Steve Yeowell, Dougie Braithwaite, Randy Emberlin, Ivan Reis, Scott Benefiel & others
Written by Eric Luke

Published by Dark Horse Comics
From 2009
Lineup Ghost
Format: Omnibus-sized Trade Paperback collecting Ghost issues #13-26.

Elisa Cameron thought she'd seen it all!
You'd expect death to be a lot simpler, and calmer...but things keep getting worse and more complicated for Elisa.

After the introduction of Ghost and her world in the first story arc (last volume), screenwriter Eric Luke takes his creation into new direction in this collection that regroups mostly the second year of her stories.
The stories build up and new faces are introduced!

Things never change in the corrupt city Arcadia.

Elisa Cameron got murdered for a reason, and now as the fearful vengeful Ghost she intends on finding it.
Where will these mysteries lead her and will she find those reasons behind her death?

Crux, the man who killed Elisa's parents, is after her now.
The entire underworld is posing trouble to Ghost.
Cameron Nemo, the demonic creature that was also after her is back from hell.

With all these dark forces at work, she won't stop at her death...but can a Ghost be killed?

At least she is aided by a lot of familiar and new faces this time.
Her supporting cast is being built slowly in the background.
She now can count on her sister Margo or Focus, the leader of the Furies.
There's also some guest appearances by regular Dark Horse heroes such as Barb Wire, X and King Tiger

When Elisa finds a tape with evidence of her death, it leads her to Crux...and the revelations she was waiting for!

There's a lot of answers regarding her death, her purpose (The Sentinel of Arcadia?!).
This Omnibus gives Ghost a new status quo (which would lead into the new directions the 3rd Omnibus collects).

It's a very fun storytelling like you don't see much anymore these days.
Eric Luke has fun with his creation.

Great art all around as well.
To continue with the tradition established with Adam Hughes (though honestly I did miss him here), Dark Horse continued to emply big names such as Ivan Reis, Doug Braithwaite and Randy Emberlin.
They did keep the overall tone of the book consistent.

I specially enjoyed the crossover with the other characters. making a bigger unified Dark Horse universe.

Overall, a very fun book.
Ghost is without a doubt one of the best original creations the 90s had to offer.
This series is creepy and unique.
I really like art deco-influence on the fictional city - kept consistent across all the artists.

The series works great as on-going omnibus.
This Volume 2 collecting various issue that usually recap her origin or situation each time, yet one singular big story arc.
Guns a-blazing, rediscovering who she is while fighting crime lords and her own demons!

It just kinda annoyed me a bit the way it closed on that last issue, which should have been kept for the 3rd volume.
Leaving us hanging on an unresolved cliffhanger in a story titled "Part 1"....

I give it:
2.5 / 3 FlamingCarrots!

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