Thursday, June 13, 2013

1PanelReview BioShock Infinite

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Warning! Review might contain SPOILERS*!
What it is: BioShock Infinite 

Which is: A First Person Shooter video game
Created by: Irrational Games/2K Marin/Human Head Studios/2K Games/Ken Levine
Year: 2013
Available on: Xbox 360, PC & PS3

I played this one through the 1999 Mode difficulty setting (which would have required some more tweaks on the actual gameplay to actually warrant the title "1999" in my eyes, such as manual saves, no dual weapon restriction, etc.).

What's Good about it: Great graphics, stunning presentation and stellar art direction.
Really great breath taking experience.
Love all the little side-details, the work put into the background, setting and backstory.
Main characters really interesting and support the entire story.

What's Bad about it: My main beef with the game is that being quick to judge and name it "Game of the Year", most people have just simply ignored talking about its core gameplay...
Awfully linear for a game about choice and defying one own's destiny (which they do in the story). What I call "corridors hell", where the story mostly takes place in the halls you walk through in-between combat arenas which they didn't even try much to hide from the gamer.
Very action oriented, they ditched most of the mood the previous games liked to set for a more "Call of Duty" approach.
My nerd side also have some problems accepting the various far fetched scifi aspects of the plot. While you can have a time loop yet prevent it in the end (how convenient), and have Infinite possibilities of parallel universes yet a "Prime" world you can locate and erase along all the others (which in turn, in a great twist, prevent everything from ever happening... allowing our heroes to yet live post-credit)

Overall: Don't mistake me, it still is a great game by any means, but far from the perfect title some like to call it. Gameplay should always come first when you talk about a video game, and it's really lacking here in my eyes.
I give it: 2.5 / 3 Quacks!


  1. I agree, this game is over rated. I did like it though, except for Booker saying Elizabeth ten thousand times. Annoying as fuck.

    1. It's a great game, but surely far from perfect.

      There's a lot of video game clichés like Booker and Elizabeth repeating each other's names all the time, even the Lutece do that a lot if you wait nearby. But I guess it sort of works with the whole time-travel/infinite worlds storyline~