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CBR My Faith in Frankie


For today's review, let's have a look at a "little" fun original story from the Vertigo inprint.

Comic title: My Faith in Frankie
Art by Sonny Liew & Marc Hempel 
Written by Mike Carey 

Published by Vertigo Comics
From 2004-12
Lineup original
Format: 100-Page Spectacular reprint of the miniseries My Faith in Frankie #1–4.

Here's an original little romantic comedy with light satirical tone.

My Faith in Frankie is a story that comes from Hellblazer and The Unwritten writer Mike Carey. It explores some similar themes and ideas Carey was actually writing on the Vertigo series Lucifer at the time.

It was originally published back in 2004 as a 4-part mini-series.

The story follows a young girl named Frankie Moxon.

She's never had a second date with a boy. For some reason, it always end up with an invasion of bunnies or pants on fire.

Is she haunted, you ask?

Close. You see, Frankie's got her very own religion. Since she was a little baby, a young deity in search of his own path has become her very own special protector. Jeriven, the God of the Heart's Fires!

Jeriven's been watching over Frankie all her life. Even though nobody has ever believed her, including her best friend Kay Watson, Frankie has become Jeriven's sole worshiper. And in turn the litle God has been protecting Frankie her entire life. Some might say she's always been very lucky at everything, never having any problems whatsoever.  Her very own guardian angel. Specially from boys.

But now Frankie is experiencing teenage love and would like to get some privacy.

Which is exactly the moment when a boy from her past reappears. Dean.

Dean was a little bully who died on a boat accident.. until Jeriven resurrected him for Frankie.

Now he's back and moving onto Frankie.. Jeriven fears Frankie might lose interest in him, without her faith, the source of his power, he will be striped off his powers. Meanwhile Kay is trying to say something to Frankie, something's she's never been able to put in words for all those years they've known each other.

And who really is this Dean? It's like he has an hidden agenda... against Jeriven?!

It's a tale of romance, humor, revenge and a love triangle (quadrangle?). A story of the coming adulthood.

All the way through the book, there are some fun flashbacks told as "Frankie & Her Pals" segments. They're sort of a pastiche of old school children books like Calvin & Hobbes and Peanuts.

It's a pretty fun story with lots of twists and great characters full of personalities.

Each character has his very own voice and the story is simply fun to read.

Dean didn't get back and through death without any.. changes. He now wants to steal Frankie's heart for some scheme.

Jerivan gets jealous of the situation and trade in his immortality.

The story is told in short chapters, there's about ~10 chapters per issues. Which makes My Faith in Frankie quite fast paced.

The book was illustrated by Sonny Liew & Marc Hempel.

It's the art that really sell the story in my eyes.

It's stylized and cartoony. Perfect for the tone of the comic!

The drawings are fun and engaging.

It's an all-ages fast moving story that touches some interesting themes.

It's probably lighter than most Vertigo Comics.

The title implies Faith in, well, Frankie. It's fun how it's only Frankie that will end up saving her God and not the other way around.

Humans! Gods! Demons!

Lovely art, great story though it seems a bit short,, with a sweet romantic comedy on the surface and a whole lot more underneath.

Overall, what a fun entertaining story this was!

It's a great little piece! Recommended for sure! A real page turner.

It is also the only story I know of that ends with a happy ménage à trois-situation.

It was originally first published in 4 issues and then shortly followed by a digest-sized reprint in black & white (it sadly lost the great coloring in the process) under the then-prototype MINX inprint. Before this final recent reprint under the "Vertigo Resurrected" banner, although it sadly lost the sketchbook material & the covers in the process. A shame.

I give it:
2.5 / 3 Ampersands!

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