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MR Curse of Chucky

Movie: Curse of Chucky also known as Child's Play 6: Curse of Chucky aka Child's Play 6 or Chucky 6
Directed by Don Mancini 
Release date 2013
Genre Slasher film
Country USA

Here we are with yet another instalment in the Child's Play series!

And this time it only took them about 9 years! No seriously!

For years now, Universal Studios had been trying to find a way to reboot the series, seeing as how horror remakes were all the rage lately. Even though despite a few very good ones, most were pretty awful.

Since finding the right screenplay was taking way too much time, they decided to allow another side project to take form in between.

The original series creator Don Mancini, director on one of the last episodes and producer of the franchise, wanted to at least make one last final entry. To return the 1980s horror icon to its proper horror roots.

Done for the 25h Anniversary of the franchise, Universal decided to skip a theatrical release and offer this film for the direct-to-video market instead (leaving the silver screen open for the later rebooted entry).

The film premiered at several film festivals earlier this year... before opening even more festivals, horror and gore-fests and being shown at several conventions as well. It's rapid success and warm reception from the fans only confirmed what the impressive sales since its release shown so far.

This is easily the best of the sequels so far, and a much better turn of situation than a remake would have offered.

Chucky's back!

Taking place around four years after the last episode, the movie opens in a small house in the middle of the forest.

A young paraplegic girl called Nica receive a mysterious box from the mail. She lives in that house alone with her mother Sarah.

Turns out it's one of those old vintage Good Guy dolls from the 80s! Who sent this package?

Anyways, the mother "kills herself" during the night. *cue to one of the creepiest downer openings from the entire series*

Was it really a suicide?

The next day, Nica's older sister comes home to check on her. She brings along her husband, their daughter Alice, a nanny and Father Frank to counsel the family.

Alice finds Chucky and gets quickly attached to the doll.

The murderous doll.

None other than the serial killer Charles Lee Ray! Back from the dead once more! Chucky starts stalking the family at night, killing people left and right, one by one.

At first, Nica only finds the doll creepy.. but there's more to it. After searching for some info on the internet, she finds out about the "Curse of Chucky".

But it's already too late, and there's only left Nica and the brother-in-law. Where did Alice disappear!?

And what are Chucky's real motives?

The Lakeshore Strangler is back back in right and due form!

Curse of Chucky left all the self-aware tone and meta-references behind to a return to actual horror. There's still some dark humor to some extend, but sans all the Hollywood satire that made very few people enjoy Seed of Chucky.

The movie starts with a fresh new clean Chucky doll (explained later on in the film), setting the return of a darker tone.

But this is no remake after all!

The film is actually the 6th entry and the plot cleverly ties in the past films. Don Mancini did make the film stand on its own as well, there's some subtle references to the past storylines.

And in the end it does wrap nicely everything together.

A return to old school horror elements means also a return of tension.

For that reason and budgetary issues (this being a smaller budget picture), Curse uses a huis clos scenario. Which I loved and thought it was a great idea. The whole house was specially built for the movie. It's a really creepy house, which adds a sort of gothic tone for the film. The house is sort of a character on its own to be honest. It even has a central old elevator very reminiscent of the one from the first film.

There's some great moments such as the dinner table scene, with a great intense tension during the whole thing.

Chucky's first lines only beginng about 45 minutes in the film!

Speaking of which, Brad Dourif is back once more, reprising the voice of Chucky like nobody else could. He even gets to reprise Charles Lee Ray on screen for the first time since the original!

His very own daughter Fiona Dourif plays our great main protagonist and very relatable Nica who was given her condition thanks to none other than Chucky!

(Trying to kill your own daughter here Brad? is that a hint regarding the story behind the plot...?)

Since it's also a new proper slasher film like we hadn't one in years, there's plenty of formulaic scenes or jokes at the clichés of the genre. This includes a few jump scares and even a lesbian sidestory!

I particularly enjoyed the return of the point-of-view scenes akin to Carpenter's Halloween film, which the original Child's Play was sort of a parody of.

The film ends on a dark twisted ending where there is no real winner (I mean, on the good guys side - no pun intended).

Curse uses some great modern practical effects along some light digital touch-ups. The film has some quite creative kills.

The film is truly a work of love for the series and for the fans.

You might just ask yourself why Universal didn't allow it to be shown on the shown on the big screen (or shot with that sort of budget in mind).

The music was composed by classic horror composer Joseph LoDuca. Capturing a lot of the creepy cues from the original film.

The film is a mature R-Rated (and Unrated) return to horror - minus some of the gore.

Chucky bites and stabs and cuts. Here's CHUCKY! Back once again, for good!

Overall, this was probably not only the best Child's Play for me but also one my favorite slasher films to date.

My only real complaint are that the several endings at the end seem to drag on a bit, they could have cut right directly to the final easter egg I think.

Which brings me to a point; There's also a great post-credits scene you shouldn't miss, setting up the stage for one more sequel at least. Mancini already promised the next film would revolve around this much awaited confrontation. *no spoilers here*

I wouldn't be surprised it Curse ends doing a lot better than some of its big budget theatrical predecessors.

I give it:
3 / 3 Necronomicons!

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