Thursday, December 12, 2013

#Gaming NEWS! Tekken - meet Eliza

Tekken gets a new character!

The free-to-play Playstation Store exclusive Tekken Revolution that is. Can't we get some updates to the actual Tekken Tag 2 instead Namco, please?

She looks rather odd and out of place to be honest, and that's saying a lot for Tekken. Like it's a scrapped Soul Calibur character that found its way into Tekken by accident... Maybe I'm okay with missing this character in Tekken Tag 2 actually.

Here's here reveal trailer:

A bit too "Japanese/cute/animu/kawaii/lolita gothic" for my tastes. Or at least, for Tekken.

Some say this character's merely a test for Hadoukens in the upcoming Tekken x Street Fighter.

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