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TLC - My Top 15 Favorite TV Shows!

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My second Top List Countdown, this one is about my favorite TV Shows!
First of all, lemme remind you, this is my own list of personal favorites.
We all have our own classics and opinions!

I'll gladly discuss about your own favorite shows, just write them down in the comments below!

Edit2013/02/15: I updated this review finally.
I replaced that old huge jpg picture with normal text like all of my current reviews.

TLC #02: My Top 15 Favorite TV Shows!
You wanted it, here's my top 15 favorites TV shows!

First of, let me say it one more time, this is my very own list, done according to my own tastes!
Now, I'm not a big fan of more serious law-oriented TV shows and specially not "reality teevee".
I like entertaining plots with interesting characters, stuff that makes me think or dream.
I'm specially not interested in teen dramas, love/angst centric shows...
I prefer to watch fun stories were you have a good time!
I don't wanna see realistic situations or see characters "we can all relate to" - live your own life for that!
Anyway, there's plenty of favorites I didn't end up putting her, so...

Honorable mentions to great shows that didn't made the cut:
(In no particular order)
My Name Is Earl, very fun show with great characters. Ended up way too soon.
Fringe, a great personal favorite of mine, started kinda like a mix-up of "X-files" meet "Lost" mysteries.
Scrubs, fantastic 8 season run with a forced 9 season.
The Office (both the original UK and the US version) great concept, never gets old. I'm particularly fond of Ricky Gervais' original.
Parks & Recreation, similar to the above.
30 Rock, a perfect show, perfect cast. Love it.
Boston Common, 2 season only of a fun sitcom with awesome characters in it.
Community. A very self-aware smart modern comedy series.
Highlanders, the TV spin-off of the classic movies, which turned out better than the movies. Pretty cool.
The Pretender, very entertaining spy/thriller show, early Alias/24 kinda vibe with 2 great TV movies but unsolved storyline
Martial Law, inspired by the movie "Rush hour", great tv serie with Jackie Chan's long time friend Sammo Hung.
Relic Hunter, Indiana Jones-ysh serie with a Lara Croft sort of heroine, with some pre-National Treasure elements thrown in as well.
Firefly, great short lived scifi show with an old west original aspect. Followed by a movie and comics but not followed by many people when it aired actually :(
Twin Peaks, a classic.
Better Off Ted, a very fun Ferris Bueller at work-sort of comedy series.
The Munsters - remember that old Universal Monsters-slash-sitcom attempt? Yeah as fun as the Addams Family but kinda forgotten these days...
And finally MASTERS OF Scifi/Horror, fantastic modern tales which reminded me of good ol' tv serials. Made like short movies, had classic directors and writers attached and are a must for scifi or horror fans!

Here's the list now:

#15 Family Matters (1989-1998) genre: Sitcom

First, let me tell you, I've never really been a fan of traditional familial sitcoms!
I do not even really like Friends! (sitcoms are overrated!)
Family Matters on the other hand started as a spin off an old 80s classic sitcom around Harriette Winslow's family but after the now cult character Steve Urkel was introduced, it slowly became funnier and funnier, less family-centric and around its mid-run this show was a full on sci-fi ride about Urkel and his zanny experiments!
Suddenly you had stuff like clones, time travel, mutation, teleportation, size reduction, space, Elvis, Bruce Lee and more on a regular basis... Steve has done it all!
I really like the character and how crazy this simple sitcom evolved into!

#14 Der Clown (1998-2001) genre: Thriller

This one's more obscure for Americans. It's a German TV show that got exported all over Europe in the 90s.
It ran around where I live, dubbed in French. It's pretty similar to "The Punisher" comics!
Max Zander, a special agent, was meant to die in a car explosion. But since he survived that moment he decided to chase down criminals and terrorists as "the clown" using all his resources and wearing a simple clown mask.
Very entertaining and pretty well crafted!
A (rare) "must see" from Germany!

#13 Spin City (1996-2002) and NewsRadio (1995-1999) genre: Sitcoms

Well I know I wrote above I'm not a big fan of sitcoms, but for those two I had to make an exception :P
"Spin City" and "NewsRadio" were both fast paced situation comedies, different from what was made at the time. They weren't family-oriented, they weren't only about romance, they were work-centric, with workaholics characters!
The humour was all about the timing and despite the "laugh tracks" didn't rely just on random cheap laughs every second "to help" the audience.
Also, both shows lost some important characters but survived and I didn't lose my interest for them to the end.

#12 Journeyman (2007) genre: SciFi

One of the few very good modern scifi shows I had the chance to see!
It's a real shame the network canceled it with only one season under its belt...
It was very interesting, not far from "Quantum Leap"! (it's like almost its spiritual ancestor)
The plot and acting were top notch, the characters great and if only they could have told us more about Dan Vasser with another set of episodes... a shame! Try to look it up!

#11 Sliders (1995-1999) genre: SciFi

Moar Scifi!!
More science! More fiction!!
Sliders is one of my all time favorite TV shows. I really dig the show's original premise "What if you could find brand new worlds right here on Earth, where anything is possible: same planet, different dimension?"
I can't put this one under my top 10 favorites below, because the executive producer David Peckinpah tried to screw things up over the show's creator Tracy Tormé, which resulted in bad decisions on season 3.
Season 4 tried to make up for it but in the last fifth season things broke apart and it ended in a cliffhanger like so many shows I like.... I sense a recurring pattern here...
I recommend to have a look at season one at least!

#10 Spaced (1999-2001) genre: UK Sitcom

I like modern British shows!
Primeval is great, Doctor Who is a classic. But sometimes the simpler, the better!
Spaced was a sitcom (another one) but not really like American ones. It was surreal, fun and imaginative! Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright became who they are today thanks to the things they've learned here.
It's a classic, there's not a lot of episodes...
This show is really one of a kind!

#9 The Addams Family (1964-66) genre: Comedy

We're under my ten favorites!
Now comes my all time favs!
I will never get bored of the classic black and white Addams Family! As much as I love the 90s movies, I gotta say I prefer this version!
It was great, the show was very funny and I love how the entire cast here!
Who didn't enjoy the crazy Gomez, the spooky Lurch, the lovely Morticia, the terrible Pugsley, the cute Wednesday or the loyal "Thing". everybody should know about the original Addams family- be it the comic strips or this TV serie! You can pick up any episode and just as easily enter their world!
"They're creepy and they're kooky, Mysterious and spooky, They're all together ooky, The Addams Family."

#8 Reaper (2007-2009) genre: Supernatural comedy

Reaper was a nice twist on the "Ghost Rider's" comics concept.
Someone made a deal with the devil, years later the hero discovers he has to become the devil's bounty hunter on Earth!
Great TV series, fresh and unique. It started strongly with a pilot directed by Kevin Smith himself but was stopped before it reached its intended last storyline...
Anyway the two seasons are very intense with a monster-of-the-week formula, the jokes are great, our heroes epic... I still wish a new season would be made someday...
Also - Best. Satan. On screen, ever!

#7 Carpoolers (2007-2008) genre: Comedy

"United they drive, divided they stall!"
There's only 13 episodes of what is probably one of the best shows I've ever seen!
I'm a big fan of Jerry O'Connell, even if a lot of people seem to hate the guy's gutt for no reason!
This show was about 4 guys who worked at the same company and had to share the car for work. They started as co-workers only but ended up friends. The dynamic between all these opposite characters was pretty fun!
Also this show has one of the weirdest more interesting character I've ever seen, played by comedian TJ Miller with this adult-child character named Marmaduke...
Plus they sang at least one classic song in their car per episode!

#6 Mr. Bean (1990-1995) genre: Comedy

Bean... Bean... Bean... MISTER Bean!
One of my all time favorites, a show I will always remember fondly, watching it as a kid!
Rowan Atkinson really made Bean an universally loved character!
Bean is selfish, hates everybody, wants everything, lives in his own "universe" and despises everyone... but we, the audience, ended up loving the guy! He shares his life with his loyal Teddy bear. His misadventures made it into theaters as an American family friendly movie in 1997 which became a classic for me, until the more recent 2005 English movie which brought back Bean to his simpler more surreal European roots.
There's also a pretty decent cartoon series based on our lovable buffoon!....

#5 Parker Lewis Can't Lose (1990-1993) genre: Comedy

My 90s classic!
Somewhat inspired by the cult classic "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", this show follows Parker Lewis, our narrator-main character who often breaks up the fourth wall.
Joined by his best bud rockin' Mikey and super nerd genius Jerry during their school-years.
All 3 seasons were pretty different in tone, it started pretty much surreal, went into a more straightforward romantic show and became more realistic by the end.
It features classic 90s culture such as the music, celebrities, movies and even games at the time! (classic Game Gear appearance!)
It always remembers me of the good time before our 2000s emo/angsty/serious era nowadays...
One word: coolness.

#4 Lost (2004-2010) genre: Thriller/SciFi/Drama

Some may hate it, others like it.
I really love it! Lost was misunderstood as a realistic-survival show then as a drama while it has always been about a mysterious island where a smoke monster lives with some more character-driven stories about destiny thrown around...
Just re-watch the very first episode of the show!
Lost is a very well known and often criticized modern TV show.
But, hey! Without it we wouldn't have these mystery/drama shows now!
Why do i put it into my 5 favorite shows? It is written has a  mystery drama story on an island with
an on-going involving plot always ending in suspenseful cliffhangers every episodes.
All of them are character centric.
Lost is somewhat pretty close to old mystery shows or audio dramas. It is like reading a mystery/scifi book, it always end up bringing on more questions and not much answering anything.
Like good Stephen King books.
It's pretty close to reading comics like "Y:the last man" or "Ex Machina". You know you won't understand everything and it will throw at you more confusion but somehow you want to know
the truth and you will not miss an episode, at least that's how I feel about it...
There were some bad filler episodes in season one or three but most of the times, you finish the episodes imagining your own theories and going back to earlier details, reading about it until next episode!

#3 Jack of All Trades (2000) genre: Bruce Campbell

What is that, a Bruce Campbell centric show???
That's right!
There were two shows like that, Brisco County Jr, a more serious weird west series and Jack
of all trades, a comedic action/adventure taking place in the 19th century.
Bruce campbell at his best since Army of Darkness!
It was funny, epic, filled with fantastic one liners and no episode ever gets old, I could probably re-watch those a thousand times!
A must watch, you won't be disappointed.
(or you're dead inside!!)

#2 The Twilight Zone 1st serie (1959-1964) 2nd serie (1985-1989) 3rd serie (2002-2003) genre: SciFi/Horror

I like all three incarnations of The Twilight Zone series!
It's a really good mirror of our times. The original long running classic was very alien-oriented. Mysterious stories about invasions, alien worlds, alternate lives...
Fear of the unknown. Many great horror stories and well done with its humble budget.
It's an Anthology series - something I particularly enjoy - stories by Rod Serling who acted as narrator as well. Bizarre twists and surreal endings!
The colored 80s revival was more drama-oriented. It was great on the tension and suspense!
There was some remakes of older episodes but the overall feeling was different!
The only sad part was the omission of the much needed narrator. I always felt the voiceover created a distinction from our real world when it overlapsed this feared "twilight zone" people crossed over in the show.
The 2000s new series was also interesting despite what some "angry fanboys" on internet will tell ya!
It reflected our modern concerns, the fear of others, terrorism, our selfish modern world all rolled into
a new dynamic show with great visuals! Also it featured the return of a host thanks to Forest Whitaker!
Sadly, it also showed how people today don't like Anthology series anymore (this explain failures from other similar shows such as Masters of horror or Masters of scifi).
People don't like these easy to pick, unrelated episode anymore and that makes me kinda sad :(
All three entire Twilight Zone shows are on DVD nowadays!
Try to pick up any of those collected boxsets!

#1 Quantum Leap (1989-1993) genre: SciFi

My favorite show EVER.
Sam Beckett is my favorite TV character!
The story of an experiment gone wrong, our Doc's trapped in the time stream of his own life, jumping from one body to another one, correcting wrongs in the past!
It's a great timeless story!
TV science fiction at its finest.
Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell were always fun to follow.
I'm only sad it kinda ended on a strange darker note (the show was supposed to go on actually!) but at least, the ending works as a whole!

Anyways, that's my Top 15!

You can agree or choose to disagree, but those are the ones I liked the most and always will.
I'm a big fan of science fiction as you can see and specially anthology series.
I'm kinda sad this format almost disappeard nowadays for the more "season-arcs-long" dramas we have now.
Fringe or Lost have kind of that anthology feel while being long running plot centric shows.
As for me, I still prefer episodes you can watch independently anytime!
That's it for now!
Check my previous top list and until the next one, see ya!

You can find some of these and other stuff in my reviews.

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  1. WARNING: The following post contains praises, yet also a lot of criticism on what you have dubbed as "your top 15 favourite TV shows", so handle with care. :noes:

    Huh? That sitcom was about timetravel?
    I never knew! :O

    #12 Journeyman:
    Ah yes! Out of all shows on your list, this is probably my favourite pick!
    It's really sad the show ended with season 1. :(

    Hm... somehow I am missing one show on this list - have you ever heard of "Dead Zone", the show about a psychic who sees future and past with precise accuracy? :?

    #11 Sliders:
    Yeah! Liked the show when it first started, though about the time when they replaced the main character with some strange explanation of "merging identical individuals from different dimensions", and later on defying it's own established rules about sliding, the series jumped the interdimensional shark for me. :(
    I liked it when the Chromags were encountered for the first time - they seemed more like aliens, and less like a interdimensional Nazi-organisation.

    The best part of the show were the comedical differences in comparison between our world and the worlds they visited -
    something like "young people are reading too much these days. They should be watching more TV." :P

    I actually found a webcomic that goes for a majorly comical approach on just that topic -

    #10 Spaced:
    Heh. Just checked a few "best of" clips on youtube. Seems like the shows has some nice gags alright!

    #8 Reaper:
    Oh yeah. I know this one. Yeah, that one's nice!

    #4 LOST:

    Oh dear.
    Welllll, our views on the show radically differ here.

    I respect your opinion, but I myself just don't like it when the entire concept ceises to make sense, and expects the viewer to buy it as being "mysterious". -_-
    Now, the Cromags in "Sliders" could have used a lot more mystery. I can also grasp "Fringe", which has FBI agents investigating on invaders from a parallel universe. But here, it's just ridiculous.

    Though actually, by saying "the island is alive" in season 8 (?), everything FINALLY makes sense (in a way) -
    that given, I had just gotten interested in the more recent episodes shown, when the season was over. Eh... what a twist! ^^;

  2. #2:
    The Twilight Zone

    Speaking of unexpected twists......

    Now I must admit, all I saw of the original first two shows were probably two seperate halfs of some of their episodes.
    I didn't even knew the show had such a long timeout inbetween.

    After having had "Outer Limits" on the TV program for a while, I however did also proceed to watch the new revival of "The Twilight Zone". And I watched it all. It was alright, I guess -
    Though as original as some of the stories may be, it basically can be summarized like this:

    If you enter the Twilight Zone, you're properly F***'D. O_o;

    OUt of 44 episodes of this whole show, only in two of those did the respective protagonists get out of there unharmed/killed/brainwashed/reprogrammed/caused the extinction of all mankind/imprisoned for revenge on their own murder but being temporarily revived later, believing they would die shortly thereafter anyway, yet loosing their newfound freedom right after finding out they WOULDN'T have died. What a twist.
    (And in only one of those two episodes, the protagonist actually gains something positive from his experience, in the other one every positive memory is erased and the world is restored to status quo.)

    Heck, one episode was especially cruel.
    The one where the woman had a near-death accident, and then was haunted by a strange bus following her everywhere, people disappearing from her life, and so on.
    She figures out that the bus' driver is actually Death himself, who wishes to get her after she managed to survive the accident -
    but THEN it turns out the bus actually represents LIFE, and she dies BECAUSE she didn't get on the bus.
    I mean, how was she supposed to know that? that's just cruel. -_-

    Oh yeah, I remember this show. Watched most of it, I think - yes, even the weird ending.
    MMmmmm, must say, I find the approach of "Journeyman" more logical here, having the actual person go back in time, and not their soul switching places. :O_o:
    I dunno, I just don't like it when concepts seem too farfetched like that, or are simply "magic, I don't need to explain it".

    I can buy anthromorphical hedgehogs who defeat an evil robot empire lead by some fat guy with a science degree and an IQ of 300, but if it involves "magcially transporting the main character into the inside of a storybook where most characters look like his friends, but really aren't", it kinda drags the whole thing down for me. :(
    Doesn't mean I can't enjoy it, but....... meh.

    I just bought the "Black Knight" yesterday on special offer...... I dunno, haven't had a chance to get very far yet.

  3. >Family matters only really caught my attention when Urkel went all SciFi on the Winslow show.

    >Dead Zone? nope. Don't know! Maybe I'll try checkin' this one.

    >Even if the 3rd season's a bit mixen in my eyes and only the last season's bad, I still like Sliders.
    I will always remember the main original cast and can rewatch any episode of season 1,2 and 4, which is enough to be one of my favorite shows!

    LOST> I believe everybody can have his own opinion about this show.
    But at its heart, it's a mystery show like those old radio mystery dramas. Where you don't know nothing, are discovering very slowly a story (which in the small parts is mostly improvised even if they say they got the whole epic picture in mind), and painfully end every episode on an abrupt cliffhanger waiting for more...
    I like it!
    It's decent, the characters/cast are neat and even the FX look pretty good for TV standards!
    It does makes sense, as long as your willing to go with it! (hell, I can say shows like 24, Prison Break, any reality TV stuff don't make any sense to me, since I do not like them!)
    Read some comics like Y: The last men or Exterminators to see some Lost-kinda stories with different twists. Maybe it's the whole island/Jacob VS Smokemonster that don't interest you. (give a chance for these destiny/life purpose/evil vs good mystery dramas!)

    >the Twilight Zone as always been about "If you enter the Twilight Zone, you're properly F***'D."
    That's part of its charm!
    I like seing those characters thrown away of logic, trying to understand things and mostly failing because of their greed/ego/hate/lack of comprehension.
    Only very good pure honest persons survive those episodes XD

    >My favorite show!
    Also funny to see my fav wouldn't be one of the more recent garbage modern TV has been producing, no?
    It wasn't that magical! It has been explained with the pilot and some later episodes.
    They were building some experiment to travel through time by..huh..bending time somehow and been able to travel in one's lifetime.
    The experiment went wrong. Sam was dephased from his body and his "essence" basically warped into someone's else body in that timeline.
    It's late 80s/early 90s Science fiction! Like in so many scifi books of that time, there's a lot of scientif belief of a "soul" within the human body.
    (Star Wars has that in its scifi mythos, so did many classic novels/books/comics..)

  4. Ultra the HedgeToasterOctober 23, 2010 at 2:06 PM

    It took me a while to find something usefull, and ironically, most usefull clip I found is a fan-made trailer to describe what "Dead Zone" is about:
    But also have a look at this: (It's even in French) and that, lol:

  5. Ultra the HedgeToasterNovember 3, 2010 at 8:16 PM

    Hmm... I just figured ... do you even get a notification when someone makes a post on an older entry? :/

  6. I know all the latest comm's and always check 'em out, so don't worry nor hesitate to comment ol' stuff ;)
    It's all good!

  7. Ultra-the-HedgeToasterNovember 28, 2010 at 10:29 PM

    So ... what do you think about "The Dead Zone"? (links above) :P

  8. Huh...
    Never watched it.
    Not yet.

    Sorry -__-
    Hey! I keep forgetting to check it!