Wednesday, January 22, 2014

#Cowabunga NEWS! Is this the first look at the upcoming new Ninja Turtles?

People were expecting to get the first look at the new TMNT live action incarnations from upcoming toys announced for this Summer, instead this leaked picture of upcoming costumes revealed the first look at the Platinum Dunes-rebooted Ninja Turtles...

...and I'm pretty sure this is accurately how the redesign shellheads will look like.

I'll go as far as saying that if this was a fake, they will probably end up exactly looking like this. (mark my words!)

It certainly looks perfectly in line with what Hollywood's been producing recently, design-wise. I feel a bit of Amazing Spider-man's lizard in this.

Let's take this for "granted" and examine it, shall we? Awful "hip" shorts, silly glasses, ugly CGi texture. Even if this is a costume, I don't think the movie version, in action, will look any better. (Does CGi in blockbusters these days ever look better?)

This ain't the nostalgia talking, believe me, but that face... Cheap Halloween costume or not here... That face looks awful...

I believe the original 1990 movie or the current Nickelodeon cartoon did both a much better job at taking Eastman & Laird's characters into a 3-dimensional plane.... Sigh... And Michael Bay & the crew just announced plans for 3 Turtles movies... *rolls eyes*

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