Tuesday, February 25, 2014

#Design - Tonic Trouble & Outcast custom cover art

Please! Do not ask for these! This was a personal job, not outsourcing the work to other people. If you want me to work out something for you, I will do so for money only.

I received a couple game discs without cases lately. So I decided to make my own cover art, as usual.

Here's the very underrated Michel Ancel classic (that's Rayman's "dad" btw), TONIC TROUBLE! It can kinda be seen as a Rayman 2-prototype in a way. Its gameplay even inspired the later Rayman 3 with all the power-ups/transformations gimmick.

And here's the timeless classic Outcast. To this day, there's no other game besides Shenmue I can see the most people asking for a sequel, even (or specially) after all those years... Sigh.. If only..

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