Friday, February 7, 2014

#Sega NEWS! And Sonic Boom is actually..

First up Sega announced 2014 is going to be the Year of Sonic (well at least it's not the Year of Luigi anymore, amIright?)

Next thing we know... we finally got a confirmed look at the new character designs teaser way back when.

Woah! Not looking half-bad... in concept!

Then after confirming these full designs... we got our new CGi animated TV series AND a new game announced!

That is when all hell broke loose...

With an actual Sonic video game using these designs unveiled... some were fearing another "Sonic 2006"-type of situation.. or that these would be the new look for our heroes. You know, Sonic already got one "ohnoes!greeneyes!!" redesign way back during the Dreamcast days. So why not another one?

But Sega already confirmed it:
“Sonic Boom will not be replacing the original franchise.”

What do we got here finally?

First thing first.

Sonic Boom is a new Sonic TV series. In CGi. On Cartoon Network.

And here's a trailer (with a little teaser for what's coming next..):

So let me get this out right away: Yeah, they all look odd and no doubt some getting used to.

My only real complaint - bear it in mind this is clearly aimed at young children, probably a Saturday Morning-kind of thing - this looks kind of childish. I mean, CN's been giving us stuff like Regular Show, Adventure Time and Steven Universe these days.

I still consider Clone Wars to be chief amongst the best 3D CGi animated shows can give us... Usually, everything else, non-Lucasfilm Animation products, tend to be cheap in both characters numbers/animation, settings, etc.

And this looks kinda poor, specially for a teaser preview supposed to sell us the whole thing.

You know I tend to dislike CGi cartoons because they make me think of video game cutscenes. This? This looks worse than actual Sonic games cutscenes...

Moving on!

Sega finally announced the third and final Nintendo-exclusive game is actually going to be a Sonic Boom based adaptation for Wii U and 3DS!

Woah, dude! It's like.. full circle or something!

And here's this game's trailer:


This looks kinda.. spinoff-ysh, yet sorta-Sonic Heroes-ysh.

This "side game" won't be actually developed by Sonic Team (anyways, in my eyes the real Sonic Team's dead since the day Prope was created). But developed by 2 studios, with Big Red Button aiming the whole thing, the studio headed by the ol' Sonic X-Treme developer Chris Senn! Woah! Finally the dude's gonna be put in charge of a Sonic game that will actually come out??

This actually might be a cautious experiment.. Like if this would supposedly be a huge success the new designs might stick (let's say, a new approach to the whole Sonic 2006 "incident").

The game looks okay-ysh. Nothing spectacular. The new designs appear to be what's in fashion with kids these days. It makes me think of the awful Crash Bandicoot game, Crash of the Titans. With a dash of Skylanders.

Personally? What's my opinion on all this? A dude who followed everything Sonic, from good old Game Gear games to the 32x? Well... It's just a random spinoff-cartoon-thingie. I mean, I never quite understood the redesigns/interpretations behind the old cartoons and anime show as well! Couldn't they have simply used the actual characters? Well, that would be ignoring marketing purposes and whatnot, I guess.

Still. The game and cartoon look kind of cheap and sloppy. But both could be fun actually. The actual (current) voice actors are on board, but everything looks so stupidly redesigned.

Wait and see I guess??... Wait! (ha!) We just saw! This doesn't look super promising...

(What I can tell you if that's this whole cartoon could have been much better if the show was traditionally 2-D animated...)

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