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CBR Tiny Titans/Little Archie


Featuring: the Tiny Titans and Little Archie and his pals!

Aw Yeah, Comics!!

Comic title: World of Archie Double Digest Magazine #5 or Tiny Titans/Little Archie and his pals: Compilation or also simply Tiny Titans/Little Archie
Art by Art Baltazar 
Written by Franco Aureliani

Published by DC Comics/Archie Comics
From 2011
Lineup the Tiny Titans series/Little Archie
Format: Digest-sized softcover collecting the mini-series Tiny Titans/Little Archie #1-3 as well as older Archie Comics bonus material!

The Tiny Titans are back!

After a pretty popular and successful run in their own on-going series, Art Baltazar and Franco's Tiny Titans were given their first additional mini-series.

And what was the spin-off allowed for this Eisner Award-winning series?

Well, only the first new inter-company crossover at DC Comics in years! Dan Didio said the publisher would not do those anymore, or at least limit such publications. But here it was nonetheless!

A 2010 3-issue crossover with Archie Comics, Tiny Titans/Little Archie and his pals!

While DC handled the issues, Archie Comics would then publish the Tiny Titans/Little Archie and his Pals: Compilation down the line.

While the actual trade paperback was never released for some reason (only its digital incarnation survived), the whole crossover was reprinted in Archie's digest-sized "World of Archie Double Digest Magazine #5".

So what's it about?

In this epic crossover we find out Sidekick City is actual neighbor to Archie's Rivedale! In fact they share the same Dry Cleaners and Comics store Downtown!

After a little mix-up at the cleaners, Little Archie ends up with Robin's costume - and vice-versa!

They get into some trouble with their respective circle of friends... The Tiny Titans meet their new Riverdale friends!

Aw Yeah, Shenanigans!

Robin has some girl trouble, no thanks to Little Veronica and Betty! Tiny Cyborg and Jughead become best buds over a similar love for burgers! Archie gets forgotten in the Bat-cave, it's up to Batman and Duela to help him out! And what really is the connection between Solomon Grundy and Miss Grundy?!

Aw Yeah, Comics!

The later issues see the inclusion of even more familiar Archie Comics faces!

Raven meets Sabrina the Teenage Witch! They have a lot in common!

The Titans open a new Pet Club Meeting! They invite Josie and the Pussycats! But don't forget the first rule of Pet Club... "We don't talk about Pet Club"!

Meanwhile Riverdale School's Mr. Weatherbee is waiting for his Sidekick City pals M. Slade and Trigon to come to their secret meeting... where are they!?!

It's a very funny all-age book with a lot of great moments and humor.

A lot of people wished - me included - DC and Archie could have turned this into an-going rather than a stand alone series.. This crossover not only works great but actually kind of makes sense!

It's a trip down memory lane for comic book fans! And it's great to see the Titans interact with such long-running comic book characters as the Archie gang!

As the main series, these issues also included several pin-up art by Franco and some games!

Some behind the scenes material was also printed at the end, several sketches which give us a neat little look at the Art Baltazar's process behind the pages and the covers.

Finally, this World of Archie Double Digest Magazine collection reprints the entire 3 issues as well as other select random old school Archie issues. Those were picked kind of random and go from Archie comic strips to a complete Josie and the Pussycats story.

Overall, a highly recommended title!

All in all it's a very funny charming book, for both fans and newcomers alike!

Even I wasn't personally really not much of a Archie fan myself (beside the vintage Archie music), I truly enjoyed this book which made me finally give a new chance to Archie - and I don't regret it!

Very kid friendly, fun and fresh.

Giving old and new readers alike a new look at old familiar faces through Baltazar and Franco's interpretation, and, why not, introduce them to new favorite characters as well!

I give it:
2.5 / 3 Snoopies!

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