Wednesday, March 12, 2014

#DC News! Second Look at The CW's Flash design

After the teaser comes a better look at the new Flash!

Courtesy from DC Comics.

I dunno... I guess it looks sort of okay, for what they were going for/CW/today's "grittier standards". It's like the Dark Night Returns-era all over again.

I MEAN, it's a darker red. "More anchored in reality". Lots lines. No white in the logo but yet another shade of red. The red boots, I'm okay with. Like a kind of allusion to the 1990s Flash series.

I still need a look at a full body shot just to check the belt design and if he's gonna have a collar-thingie. And that won't give us the final look, remember Arrow! The way it actually looks on screen might differ due to photography, etc.

So far... It's good enough.

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