Monday, March 17, 2014

#Gaming NEWS! USFIV final character

And Ultra Street Fighter IV's 4th and last character is... a Shadaloo Doll as expected by long time SF fans. No surprises there...

(oh, well.. I was wishing for Alex.. Or R.Mika.. Or Karin.. sigh.. but I knew we would get a clone)

At least the reveal trailer is pretty funny (and mocking fans!?!)

Despite a fun charge-gameplay, she's a pretty bland Cammy clone visually. Lazy, Capcom!

She originally appeared in SFAlpha 3 as a cameo amongst many other "Dolls" and was given more characterisation in UDON's SF comics.

So blame it on UDON! There!

Sigh, couldn't they have picked one of the more original Dolls design-wise? What about the pink haired one? Or the purple one? Oh, right. That would have meant working a new model...


  1. If she wasn't wearing a mask in the first place, they wouldn't have picked her? I mean, the others do look different, but you gotta wonder what's the deal with the lady wearing the mask, y'know?

    All in all, I expected people to not be on board with this character reveal, even if she does play half different from Cammy. That, and I'm too used to this sort of thing, I cannot say I'm heavily disappointed or expected anything else too much. Ah well! Let's see how things go as the game comes out!

    1. Well, to repeat myself in regards to a similar discussion I had recently, they shouldn't have built the hype leading to her, or at least not reveal her as the last character.
      Because at the end of the day, different gameplay or not, she's simply Cammy in a mask...

      They should have picked one of the other dolls though.. even if it means mixing assets between Cammy and the hairstyle from one of the other girls...