Tuesday, April 22, 2014

#Cartoon NEWS! And DC's new animated film is...

...Another Batman animated movie! Was that even surprising?

This time it will be an Arkham games-tie-in. Just in time for the upcoming new game.

It's called Batman: Assault on Arkham and will start Kevin Conroy reprising his role as Batman, for much fan enthusiasm. Conroy back as an animated Batman - how awesome is that?!?

Apparently, the plot will follow upon the Suicide Squad storyline dropped as hints in the last game... Aww... I guess that means no Suicide Squad game, heh? Too bad... :/

Here's the trailer:

And yes, that wasn't Mark Hamill but Troy Baker as the Joker back from AOrigins. He's getting better, isn't he?

Meanwhile be sure to pick up a copy of Son of Batman. The latest current DC Animated film.

It's based on Grant Morrison's great Batman and Son series. I kinda wish they'd simply gone straight for Dick Grayson's era on the Batman & Robin title. Now that would have made an awesome animated feature film!

Sure it's yet another Bat-centric film. But, hey, based on pre-New 52 DCU is always fine by me!

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