Thursday, April 3, 2014

CBR Pixel Princesses

Alright, Princesses!

Time to kick butt while taking names!

You know what time is it? It's ADVENTURE TIME!!

Comic title: Adventure Time Pixel Princesses aka Adventure Time Vol. 2: Pixel Princesses 
Art by Zack Sterling & Meredith McClaren 
Written by Danielle Corsetto

Published by Boom! Studios imprint KaBOOM!
From 2013
Lineup Adventure Time series
Format: Digest-sized graphic novel.

Adventure Time Vol. 2: Pixel Princesses is the second original Adventure Time graphic novel.

A 160-page digest-sized original manga-style comic (think Oni Press' Scott Pilgrim).

I'm pretty sure original plans for this manga line of AT comics was supposed to follow Flame Princess as Playing With Fire previously (originally listed "Playing With Fire Vol. 1" in most places online). But those plans had to be changed following a Season 5 episode SPOILER: the break-up in "Frost & Fire".

With an ever-changing status quo on the show, it was then probably decided that the next volumes would each focus on a rotating cast of characters.

To work on this second volume the same creative team of writer Danielle Corsetto and artist Zack Sterling returned.

Webcomic artist Danielle Corsetto originally pitched it as "Pixel Pups" and it would have revolved around Jake and his puppies with Lady Rainicorn. But the writers of the show requested a rewrite of the comic as to not conflict with an upcoming episode at the time.

And that's how we got Adventure Time Vol. 2: Pixel Princesses. 

The story begins with Lumpy Space Princess running through the woods.

She wanted a night out with her girlfriends so she had Turtle Princess plan a surprise party for herself.

Once  LSP arrived there... she got mad! The party was missing everybody! Even Princess Bubblegum was nowhere to be seen (apparently messing up with the entire universe in one of her dangerous experiences again..).

BMO was not allowed inside since this is a Princess-only party.

The other Princesses were starting to doubt this entire awkward party and thinking about leaving... when suddenly! Thanks to a wish turned reality (in part because of Magic Man) all the present Princesses got absorbed into BMO!!

And now they have to play through a video game in order to escape from it!!

Pixel Princesses takes LSP, Embryo Princess, Breakfast Princess, Muscle Princess, Skeleton Princess and Turtle Princess in an all-new adventure of their own!

Corsetto picked several obscure fan-favorite princesses (and LSP!) for this tale, a chance for them to finally be the main protagonist in their very own episode!

Getting a bunch of princesses and letting their respective different personalities carry the story was a fantastic idea!

The story explores friendship, and what it really means to be a Princess (in the land of Ooo at least..).

Will our heroines be able to set their differences aside and learn to respect each other or be lost forever in a virtual reality!? (LSP's antics are certainly not helping... at first)

Pixel Princesses is also full of fun little references and allusions  to video games as our heroines explore on stage after the other.(various game tributes used as setting, such as Mario, Zelda, Tetris..).

Only by using their smarts and their personal strengths will they be able to win this game. By being smarter than the video game's AIs!

In the end the other Princesses finally arrive at the party... They were only running a bit late!

The comic was illustrated by the very talented Zack Sterling (who also worked on some Adventure Time back-up stories as well as the Bravest Warriors comic).

Finally, to keep the tradition launched by the first graphic novel, Pixel Princesses also contains an additional story in the form of textless comic strips at the end. If in the first volume they were probably meant for a publication in issues, here it's just for fun! Meredith McClaren also returned for that very cartoony tale. A mute story amongst Gunther and the other penguins as the Ice King goes outside... Hilarious. Very random. And without much sense. But it's all in good fun!

Overall, a very funny book!

The art is perfect and fitting for this comic! The expressions and characters are perfectly in tone with the animated series. It seems Zack Sterling is only every getting better.

While I found this second volume, shall we say, "less deep" than Flame Princess's tale. It was probably closer to earlier seasons of Adventure Time. And that's perfectly fine by me.

All in all, a funny little random tale with lots of great scenes and plenty o' humor. Highly recommended for fans and newcomers alike.

I give it:
2.5 / 3 Snoopies!

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