Friday, April 25, 2014

#FanFilm Friday - Wonder Woman vs. Nazis

Here is another badass Wonder Woman movie.

I've long since lost both any hope or any wish to see an actual WW movie come out from Warner Bros. these days.. Like. Ever. (from the looks of the super-gritty-dumbed-down-for-the-general-crowd Man of Steel movie or the crazy flop-assured Superman Vs. Batman... I mean, chances are I won't like what idea Warner Bros. would have for a WW movie nowadays..)


Fans continue to kick ass and have a much better grasp of their characters.

Check this out:

I do believe the secret for a great WW movie (or even a Superman one) would be... A period piece!

Think about it, it all makes so much sense! And then you could just as naturally embrace the whole patriotic angle of these vintage characters!


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