Friday, April 25, 2014

#Movie NEWS! First pics of the new #JurassicPark film!!

Finally some pictures of the upcoming Jurassic World!

Jurassic World is expected for a June 12, 2015 release date. While it's still produced by Steven Spielberg, this episode will instead be directed by Colin Trevorrow. It will star Parks and Recreation's Chris Pratt - who really seems to be everywhere these days - and Bryce Dallas Howard.

Getting super hyped here, personally~

And here are the pics:

Yeah. That's it. These two pics.

Well, it's better than nothing!

And HEY! It confirms the movie is actually really finally happening!


  1. Hmm, really don't know how I feel about this. The first film was amazing, part 2 was good till they put the T-Rex in the city, and part 3 was terrible. Why are they tempting fate with a part 4? I don't think another sequel is necessary since the awe and wonder of dinosaurs walking among us is no longer as high as it was when the first films initially came out. Oh well, guess I'll see what the reviews say when this is released...


    1. Well, I see it that way...
      It's been waaaay too long since we had dinos in any films nowadays... I mean, zombies are still all over the place, can't we have a dinosaur film?!

      Plus Chris Pratt!

      'all good for me~

    2. Well I hope, for the film's sake, the storyline is good enough to impress you. :P