Sunday, May 25, 2014

#Cartoon NEWS! Pilot Season on Cartoon Network!

There's a lot of fun new cartoons out there, and I'm finding myself watching more and more of those as I'm finding live TV Shows extremely formulaic (and canceled way too soon all the time..).

Have you checked out Clarence? A new show on Cartoon Network.

Just quickly launched following a pretty fun pilot episode.

Here's the first episode from CN's youtube channel:

Next up, here's a couple of possible upcoming shows' pilots that caught my eyes:

AJ's Infinite Summer - for now it's just a short but this could make a fun new show.

But what would the actual show be about? Random adventures? It has a sort of nice Doug meets Regular Show. Speaking of, it's created by former Regular Show storyboard artist, Toby Jones actually.


And finally my favorite one so far, Long Live the Royals.

Created by another artist who worked on RS so far, Sean Szeles.

A fun medieval/fantasy show with plenty of anachronism and a bunch of slacker main characters. Sign me in!

Pretty good!

Loving the 80s vibe I got from this pilot!

Hope those last two get greenlighted!

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