Saturday, January 31, 2015

ComicPageOfTheWeekend: Squirrel Girl meets Speedb... I mean, Penance!

(Click for bigger pic)

GLA © Marvel Comics


  1. Say, what's this from? It's funny, and more importantly, amusing to see Marvel allowing such a pointed critique about how stupid some of its own recent publishing decisions have been. (Can you imagine DC allowing one of its writers to say such things about FLASHPOINT?)

    1. It's from their best book and superteam ever - The Great Lakes Avengers/Initiative/X-Men!
      (Squirrel Girl's team with a few comedic ex-West Coast Avengers)

      DC used to let Giffen do that on Ambush Bug... Still waiting for a new Ambush Bug series post-New 52! I loved how his 80s series mocked Crisis or his more recent one mocked Identity Crisis/52. Imagine the witty playful mocking of the New 52! Bwahaha!