Friday, May 23, 2014

#MovieRecap - X-Men: Days of Future Past

I just came back from X-Men: Days of Future Past.

And... I gotta admit... I actually liked it pretty much!

This was in my eyes, without a doubt, Bryan Singer's best X-Men film.

I still kinda prefer Matthew Vaughn's pretty fun First Class to it... but this new one came pretty close to it!

It was such an original and different film. For one, this is the first one where it seems the cast and crew weren't ashamed of portraying a comic book story brought to film, or simply superheroes in general. (thank Joss Whedon and his Avengers, I guess)

The opening scene just felt like those were really the X-Men kickin' ass on screen, finally, for the first time! People using powers in loud creative ways! Iceman sliding! Sentinels!

And as a big Terminator fan, I was pretty okay and on board with this whole scifi premise. Btw, this was closer to the "War against the Machines" I originally pictured in my mind that was Salvation offered us on screen...

But the whole ensemble cast, rotating between one group of characters to another, the sentinels, the bigger than life use of super powers... Heck, not counting the whole plot, details, references and how well it was directed this time, it was simply such a fun film! And epic!

Loved the sort-of-slow pacing as well, which helped this pseudo-X-Men 4/First Class 2 feel like two different movies smashed together.

Little nods or attempt by Singer to fix some details (that ending also fixed stuff like Cyclops!), Wolverine's hint at a connexion with Shadowcat instead of Rogue in the first films, tagguing Shadowcat and Colossus instead of Iceman...

Hey... does this mean Deadpool can now be *fixed*??

And Quicksilver turned out great in the end, loved his creative use of super-speed and his portrayal (and his link at a relationship to Magneto - much better handled than Mystique/Nightcrawler, Havoc/Cyclops or Charles Xavier/Juggernaut).

At the end of the day, it was a very entertaining film, that despite seemingly counting on the audience being familiar with all past films, was well worthwhile and highly rewarding for long time fans.

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