Tuesday, May 6, 2014

#Random - TMNT Style: Ninja Turtles Homage

Where the new TMNT movie really seems lacking in my eyes from the looks of the trailer - nerd-rage regarding the story/designs aside - for me, really is the whole martial arts angle. And this fault might be mostly on the fact they will be using CGi turtles.

And CGi always feels and looks so loose on film... No matter how many billion dollars they might have, how shiny or polished CGi will look.

And yeah, I know they used some stunt guys for the motion capture. But don't expect much from them.

(on a side -not-related-but-relevant- note: not Asian martial artists? No Asian actors? No Asian voice actor? For a supposedly "Ninja" film, you don't even have a single Japanese person involved in it??? Not even for the stunts, Shredder or Splinter? Man, the original movie was so much better handheld...)


If like me you're missing the whole martial art angle, here's some awesome fan-made choreographies:


This was so much fun!

'made me happy^^

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