Friday, June 20, 2014

#Cartoon NEWS! Ultimate Spider-man on Ultimate Spider-man cartoon

It looks like I will finally have to catch up with the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon next season!

Miles Morales will be joining Peter in the new 3rd season, retooled as "Ultimate Spider-Man Web Warriors".

While that title doesn't sound that great, I dig the fact we'll get Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Man 2099 and Spider-Girl all along, and animated for the first time! Also Spider-Ham!!! How awesome is that!?! XD

Miguel does look a bit odd here above or is it only me? Like he was quickly photoshopped in? Maybe this show won't feature a time of Spider-people from across "Shattered Dimensions", teaming up and whatnot but instead focus on shorts on several alternate worlds every time?

...Or am I reading too much into this pic?


  1. I have warmed up to the show a bit more now than I have in the beginning. Pretty cool to see characters who rarely gotten a media appearance, like Agent Venom and Cloak & Dagger. Would be cool to see Miles and Miguel in this, too.

    1. I got to admit, I truly enjoyed the (Joe Kelly's!!) Deadpool episode. But other than that to be honest, the show didn't catch much of my attention. It was , heh, okay. Decent. But nothing much.

      We ARE getting Miles and Miguel! That's what that teaser image above, that's what I wrote above!
      The Spider-Verse will invade the show this Season 3!!