Wednesday, June 11, 2014

#E3 NEWS! Day 2 recap

Another day of E3 has passed. Now I know everybody's been loving all the new stuff Nintendo showed. But you know me... (and if you don't... well, now's as a good time as any to get the picture) Not much surprised or interested me. For me it was much of the same. SURE! I know it's going to sell a lot/get a ton of great sales & reviews...

But I dunno.. Guess I would love more surprising new ideas and less of the same ol' same ol'...


Amongst the new Nintendo games they announced was a couple new episodes in some franchises Nintendo usually forgets for more Marios and Zeldas. There was a fun new Kirby, an even better new "Epic Yard"-esque Yoshi game. News regarding that upcoming Smash Bros episode (Pac-Man!!). And for some absurd reason ($$$) there was yet another Skylanders-type of game, this time it's a Nintendo one! Nintendo seems to have been putting emphasis on their proprieties, reinforcing their "cult" and IPs. Also a new trailer for Bayonetta 2 which seems will also include the original game on a Nintendo platform that way. And also some ridiculous in-between animations done by Seth Green's Robot Chicken crew, which were pretty bad and not funny at all when forced to avoid R-Rated content :P

Most notably this new original title from Nintendo, Splatoon, is looking pretty sharp (not sure I entirely like the chara design, though), almost like a direct answer to Insomniac's Sunset Overdrive:

No, personally the one game that almost entirely sold me a Wii U is - RANDOM! - this Mario Maker game. Almost seems like this generation's Mario Paint. Instead, for actual platform levels instead of music. Check this out:

Meanwhile Nintendo announces yet another Zelda game! This Wii U Zelda was only shown through a very short trailer, but it showed us all it needed to. It seems to be YET ANOTHER Ocarina-inspired Zelda (*yawn* call me when they go back to Zelda 1/2 or Zelda 3/Oracles-type of Links, yeah, I'm kinda sick and tired of all these blue-eyed blonde-aired "aryan" Links...), well taking more cues from Skyward Link at least, but that one also drew inspiration from Ocarine Link.. Anyway, it's a new Zelda game. In HD. In an "open world environment" apparently (but aren't they all..?? Oh, they mean we can do whatever dungeon first?). And for the very first time using scifi-ysh elements. Or steampunk-ysh. Well, more like Final Fantasy-ysh technology to be precise. Check it out:

Meanwhile the Hyrule Warriors beat 'em all/hack & slash spinoff is looking better and better.

Introducing some long awaited playable characters. Do you think they'll add Tingle as well?? I hope there's many more characters + costumes. My ultimate wish? Cartoon Zelda playable! (I know...)

The new Yoshi game I mentioned in my introduction above also deserves a little spot here. Yoshi's Woolly World seems to take the whole Kirby Epic Yarn-thing and turn it up to eleven! In true Yoshi games fashion, it looks simply fantastic! I'll take this - original art style - over gritty realistic graphics any day!

Speaking of the new Kirby is looking pretty neat visually with the whole clay-art direction. Kirby: The Rainbow Curse seems to go back to a gimmick-y Kirby gameplay like that old Canvas Curse:

The most random surprise was probably that Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker game. Waluigi fans will cry to see TOAD of all characters is getting his own game over their Fake-Luigi first... And calling it "Captain Toad"? Ha! To avoid random confusions by just calling it Toad ("Toad? what Toad? Which Toad? A random toad? Toad from the X-Men? Nah, that one character from Mario!")

Now, for non-Nintendo stuff. This PS4 exclusive, No Man's Sky, is looking amazing:

Meanwhile I can't wait for Swery65's Xbox One's exclusive D4 - specially now that it will be kinect-free. Despite me not being interested in the system so far:

Tomonobu Itagaki is finally back with his Devil's Third. Only since then, it has become now a Wii U exclusive!?!?

Alien: Isolation is looking amazing. The one true "next gen" title in my eyes:

Yet another DBZ game. Only this new Dragon Ball Xenoverse will be the series first "next gen" title, aimed for Xbox One and PlayStation 4:


  1. Dude, I want them figures! And there was nothing that Nintendo showed that didn't disappoint me! And more women representation over all the conferences combined, YEAH!

    1. Well, the fact that the new Assassin's Creed couldn't bother including one amongst the 4 playable characters *cough*UBIaimingfordudebrocrowd* kinda dragged that down in my eyes..